Obviously I want The Teentrepreneur to be a place for teenagers and entrepreneurs to connect. So, here's what I want you to do: comment ...

Obviously I want The Teentrepreneur to be a place for teenagers and entrepreneurs to connect. So, here's what I want you to do: comment below with your NAME, WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA, and anything else you want to share.

I'll be sure to check you guys out and others who stop by, do the same. Also, if you want to share anything else, such as questions and random jokes, be sure to do so! Let's connect!

Example comment:
Sophia Fulton | twitter, pinterest, and instagram @tteentrepreneur
I write about teenage entrepreneurship, and I share random and awesome stuff on my social media. I also can't stand peanut butter.

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    WWW.SILVERMESS.COM (launching Jan 4, but it's already public so if you wanna sneak peek look at it!)
    I'm not a business-minded person (too scatterbrained), but I've always loved the thought of building a business! If I were to make a'd probably be a camp or a vacuuming business. I like vacuuming.

    This is so cool.

    My sister and I make review videos and have put together an e-magazine made up of writing from girls across the US.

  3. ANNA
    I sell handknit items, polymer clay charms, and whatever else I make by hand. I raise english angora rabbits, and plan to sell things handmade from their wool, and hope to build a fiber/hobby farm with the family on our 10 acre property.

  4. Alexius McCoy
    Instagram - @TheArcofJoan
    Twitter -@TheArcofJoan
    I'm working on opening my own unique women owned and operated car shop. So far I have a blog set up, and will be hosting basic auto classes in my local area.
    I also own a small vending machine business that raises money for my local Children's Hospital.
    And on top of that I do mascot work with my first business F.B.I.(Forming Balloons Instinctively)
    I'm so happy to meet all of you guys :)

  5. Hi everyone! I'm Jessica, a.k.a. Miss Caly.

    My blog is:
    My Etsy shop:
    Instagram, twitter & pinterest: @misscalyblog

    I'm a lover of all things creative, a fanatic when it comes to staying organised and have big dreams in one day being able to inspire the world. All of these things, including DIYs, tips, free printables and more can be found on my blog! Have a lovely day :)

    xx, Miss Caly

  6. Blog-
    Pinterest- @desblissblog
    Creator of the craziest dreams which include opening a summer camp, becoming a brain surgeon and being a teenage yoga teacher. I obsess over inspirational quotes and high school musical in my free time. All of my craziness can be found over on my blog!

  7. Larissa
    Insta- @larissadecorves

    I love sharing everything I love, that is why I have my blog whatlaliloves! I talk about Food, Fashion, Travel and much more on there! Pay me a visit and contact me if you want to collab! x