4 Things I look For Before I Make a Purchase | 01/06/16

Yay! A guest post! My friend Devanshi is sharing today! You can visit her blog at  elephantess.blogspot.com  She wrote a great post below a...

Yay! A guest post! My friend Devanshi is sharing today! You can visit her blog at elephantess.blogspot.com She wrote a great post below abut what she looks for in a product. Teen entrepreneurs, take note! Also, if you would like to guest post on The Teentrepreneur, visit my contact page here.

What's up, blogosphere? It's Devanshi from Elephantess, lover of the world, amateur photographer, but frequent buyer, and I'm here to tell you what I look for in a product. 

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1. Is it affordable?

This is one of the first things I look for in a product. Be it jewelry or dance lessons, if you wouldn't pay that much amount of money yourself, what makes you think others would? Say you are selling jumbo cookies door to door, each cookie costing ten dollars each. Will your customers buy it? Probably not. If it takes you a dollar to make each cookie, ten dollars isn't the best price. (I'm exaggerating, but you get the point :). 

2. Is it worth the money?

Let's say the price is reasonable. The second thing I look for is if it is worth the dollars I would spend on it. Would I be haunted of it every second of the day as a waste of money like one dollar spent crushed penny from a penny machine? If the answer is yes, I probably won't be buying it, unless of course, I'm a reckless spender.

3. Will I use it?

Okay, so it's affordable and worth the money, now what? Will I use it? Will this handmade graphic t-shirt shower joy in my life and diversity in my wardrobe? This is where I think twice because often times I think I'll use a lanyard or something of the sort, and it'll just end up thrown in a corner somewhere. Target your audience, folks! You don't want to advertise swimming lessons on a music blog.

4. Why should I purchase it?

Is the beauty and symmetry just overwhelming? Will it help me further my studies? Why should I spend money on this thing and bring it into my house? After affordability, this is probably one of the most important things I look for-- if I don't have any reason to buy it, why would I? (Again, target your audience).

I hope these four tips help you in your future endeavors. Until next time, teentrepreneurs!

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