8 Etsy Stores to Inspire You to Start One | 01/27/16

Hi! How is it that i've never realized the beauty of etsy before?!?!?! I just found out how addicting it is to look through everything o...

Hi! How is it that i've never realized the beauty of etsy before?!?!?! I just found out how addicting it is to look through everything on there. Seriously. If you are considering starting an etsy store, or are just looking for some cool things to spend your dollars on, here are a few I fell in love with. Cheers.
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Tiny Traveler Creative
super cute hand lettered quotes and pretty little things. I would love this print on  my wall!!
Liseno Designs
Beautiful templates for wordpress blogs + logos and other designs. Something I would definitely pick out if I was designing another blog!
Vintage Romance Style
lovely prints that inspire. I feel like this quote is my life song right now.
Blackbird Tees
Um. you guys. I can't even handle the beauty of this store. They have shirts like these for couples plus all sorts of screen printed goodies. These shirts? I would wear one. All. the. freaking. time.
Mignon and Mignon
Personalized jewelry. Um. these are adorable. Personally, I love the gold. But as soon as a typed that, I realized that I love the rose gold as well. And then as soon as a typed THAT, I realized the silver was awesome as well.
Jessie Blume
So what if these are labeled as diaper bags? I would use one for EVERYTHING.
Loft 415
Um, slouchy comfortable clothes galore? Etsy store for the win.
Indigo Printables
Beautiful wonderful awesome downloadable prints. Like this planner. Hashtag awesome.
What would you sell in an etsy store if you started one? I'd love to know!!

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  1. Hey, I'm Anna, and I'm new around here. But I really, really love your blog. Especially anything and everything about etsy. As you said in this post, there's a lot of gorgeous things and amazing shops on etsy and I love browsing through them. I actually just started my shop a little unexpectedly about a month ago. I've not had much business, and I'm still figuring out how/where to promote it. I sell hand knit items and polymer clay charms right now, but with more things hopefully coming. Your blog has been a key role in giving me that push to make this business something more than just an etsy shop that just kind of sits there with few sales. My shop is etsy.com/shop/elementaryhomestead.

    Thank you for making this blog!

    1. Hi Anna!! I'm so glad this little blog has inspired you!! I'm about to visit your shop and maybe we can collaborate sometime?

    2. It's definitely been a big help getting my feet under me. And yeah, that would be great!

    3. Awesome! there's a link above in the menu of where you can contact me if you'd like to collaborate. :)