How 2 Teens Started an Online Magazine

My name is Amanda Brown and I’m a sixteen year old word lover, old-fashioned-movie lover, and grammar Nazi. My sister Rachel and I have be...

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My name is Amanda Brown and I’m a sixteen year old word lover, old-fashioned-movie lover, and grammar Nazi. My sister Rachel and I have been running SKGfun for a little over four years now.

SKGfun is an outlet for girls to learn something new while having fun and giggling their heart out. SKGfun is a blog, e-magazine, and review video source. I’d like to share with you today how our e-magazine and review videos got started. First of all, you must know—I’ve always been a bookworm.

So when the magazine I was subscribed to started boring me, I decided to make my own magazine at the ripe young age of 12. I gathered my friends and together we birthed SKGfun. The e-magazine is sent out bimonthly, and its topics range from funny facts to serious essays.

This year’s theme is “Time Travel.” We’re skipping through the veins of time and putting a magnifying glass on years such as the 1920s, 60s, and 80s.

Girls who love writing are always welcome to join our e-magazine. If you’re interested, visit.

From our e-magazine, I’ve learned three main things:
1.) Working with people is hard, 
2.) you have to check up on peoples’ progress on anything, and 
3.) proofread!

Copyright The TeentrepreneurIn addition to the magazine, my sister and I create review videos for companies. Our first video occurred pretty much on chance. I had made really good friends with the founders of a company and, after a very big online purchase, requested if they would send me a gift card to give away in a blog post I wrote reviewing all their products. To my surprise, they agreed!

Only a month later did a skincare company, Good For You Girls, reach out to us and ask if we could make them a review video! Well, I wasn’t one to say no!

I took a chance and wrote a company while we were still working on the GFYG video . . . and that company wrote back agreeing to send us samples too! I was shell-shocked. Of course, Rachel and I always do our best in our reviews. We are always learning new video and editing techniques, and we strive to make every review video better than the last.

Currently, Rachel and I have made 11 review videos. We’ve worked with huge companies like Little MissMatched and even Lip Smackers! From making review videos, I’ve learned four main things:
1.) It doesn’t matter how many views you get so long as you’re having fun, 
2.) patience is required for the perfect shot, 
3.) edit the video until your eyes glaze over, and 
4.) pretend you’re talking to a friend while making voiceovers.

Rachel and I are actually finishing up our last review video for May Designs. What with soccer and schoolwork, we unfortunately don’t have time to be making reviews videos anymore. We’re hoping to release other videos every now and then, or maybe even make a few review videos during the summer!

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