50 First World Problems That Shouldn't Be Problems | 02/05/2016

(Funny post title, I know. But I recently read Silver Mess's article 101 Ways to Fail a Driver's Test , and this post was kind of in...

(Funny post title, I know. But I recently read Silver Mess's article 101 Ways to Fail a Driver's Test, and this post was kind of inspired by that. )

And since February's theme is Live Counter Culturally/Be a World Changer, on a more serious note, complaining is a huge part of our culture. We whine and grumble and basically think our lives our over when one little thing is 1 percent not perfect. Like, what?

So think before you complain: would your complaint sound silly to someone struggling to escape persecution or someone working 18+ hour days to feed a family? Then it's probably not worth complaining about.

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True story: I had a FWP (First world problem) moment when I was making the graphic for this post. My text wouldn't coordinate with the picture and it was legit making me want to smash the computer. #firstworldproblems

So live counter culturally today: stop complaining. Just for one day. At least about first world problems that shouldn't be problems such as these ones:

  1. My hair has split ends.
    (Big deal, I know, but it's not world hunger)
  2. The light bulb wattage in here hurts my eyes.
    (Close your eyes.)
  3. My computer is too loud.
    (Oh, you mean you can't hear your iphone, ipod, ipad, and speakers above your computer's fan?)
  4. I have to go to school.
    (Guys! do you know how many people would kill to be in your place?!)
  5. People are annoying.
    (Well at least they aren't trying to kill you or torture you or really do anything like that. At least I hope not)
  6. I'm annoying.
  7. You're annoying
  8. They're annoying.
  9. We're ALL ANNOYING.
  10. We don't have any chocolate.
    (Um, eat an apple.)
  11. We don't have any pizza.
  12. We don'a have any cereal.
  13. McDonalds doesn't deliver.
  14. I don't have any money for take out.
  15. We don't have any nutella.
  16. Basically any complaint that has to do with food when you have perfectly good food in your fridge/pantry.
  17. My shirt is too tight.
    (Do you know what that means? You have enough to eat. You're not starving.)
  18. My favorite youtuber has uploaded in a long time.
    (I don't know what to put in here)
  19. I don't have enough twitter followers.
  20. Someone got more retweets than me.
  21. Someone got more likes than me.
  22. Someone has more followers than me.
    (News flash- most of the world has more followers than you.)
  23. Someone didn't return my follow for follow.
  24. Someone didn't like my picture back.
  25. Someone un friended me.
  26. I don't look like Taylor Swift.
  27. I don't look like Selena Gomez.
  28. I can't sing like Adele.
  29. I can't sing like Taylor Swift.
  30. I can' sing like lourde.
  31. Star Wars isn't out on disk.
  32. I can't sing period.
  33. I have to drive an old car.
    (Wait, you're telling me you're complaining because you have a CAR?!)
  34. I lost so many instagram followers.
    (I don't know what to say to you here, either)
  35. Grammar mistakes.
    (Um, at least you can READ and WRITE unlike roughly 20% of the world)
  36. I go through conditioner faster than shampoo
    (Wait, you mean when you take a shower with hot water every. single. day?)
  37. I can't decide which picture to post.
    (Well you, my dear, have too much time on your hands)
  38. Anything to do with reality tv shows.
  39. Anything to do with non-reality tv shows. (For example, my favorite character died!!)
  40. Commercials.
  41. Commercials.
  42. My breath smells bad.
  43. I don't like my hair. (I legit just wrote "me hair" instead of "my hair" now speaking with an Irish accent)
  44. My computer crashed 
  45. I don't like writing papers.
  46. I don't like doing math.
  47. I don't like doing science.
  48. I don't like reading history. 
  49. I don't like tests. 
  50. Basically anything that has to do with complaining.
Okay I'm done. I hope this little post made you laugh!! Add your FWPs in the comments!!
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