How 1 Teen Entrepreneur is Changing the World | 02/22/2016

Well, when I read this article about this article , I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed. According to this article, written by Rach...

Well, when I read this article about this article, I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed.

According to this article, written by Rachel Rice,

"After he gets home from school, he might go for a jog, then study for a test, then eat dinner, then coordinate with a team member on the other side of the globe on a program he’s designed to empower youth or work with other students on their fair trade shopping mobile app or help design the curriculum for a mentorship program for young entrepreneurs like himself."

This is Campbell Erikson, overachiever entrepreneur extraordinaire.

This was taken from his website written by him:

"Within the past three years, I've founded or been on the founding team of PurchaseMate, Project Zilkr, A Youth Mind, and Austin Youth Hack. I am also the proud team lead of TEDxYouth@Austin, the largest TEDxYouth event in the world. Along with the projects, non-profits, and companies, I am very honored to be a 2016 Global Teen Leader, an Ambassador for the AAT Project, and a delegate for the 2016 Kenyan Global Youth Peace Summit. "

Um, yeah. Super cool. 
But this is what I find the coolest (taken from the article by Ms. Rice): 
“High school should not be a time of complacency where you just go to school and live this life in limbo,” Erickson said. “High school is really a time we should get out and try and fail, try and fail, try and succeed. We have the opportunity to do really cool things – they don’t have to be the most profitable, but they can be.” (Image Source)

Boom. #worldchanger. 

The movers and the shakers of this world aren't going to sit around. Obviously Campbell isn't. Do you have a business idea? Don't sit around. Don't wait. 

The best way to change the world is to start right now. 

So what about you? Maybe you have an idea of how to make the world- and by world I don't mean the entire 6 billion + people. Changing 1 life is changing 1 person's world.- a better place. Start now. Hustle hard. We don't have time.

Anyway, love you guys!! Let me know what you think of Campbell Erikson!

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  1. That's so cool! I wonder how he got to be doing all of that.

  2. He's always been a big thinker and he's always looking for new opportunities. He's realized that too many people sit back and tell themselves "I can't" because they're afraid of failure so he tries and fails until he succeeds. He's a really incredible kid.

    1. Thanks Harrison for your input! Love what you said. :)

  3. God that boy is inspiring! I've realized (finally) that I have enjoyed a life of lazyness for way too long and truly regret it. But the best way to make up for it is to work my a*s off now! And so should anyone that doesn't want to wake up someday feeling like they underachieved their last 30 years...

    1. haha, it's never too late to be a world changer!!