How 2 Kid Bakers Made $35,000 and Donated it All | 02/08/16

Sometimes the best businesses don't even make any money. Sometimes the best businesses don't even have a business plan. "Is t...

Sometimes the best businesses don't even make any money.
Sometimes the best businesses don't even have a business plan.
"Is that really a business?" You might ask.
I think so. Maybe not technically/dictionary definition wise, but for all intents and purposes of this website, we're going to go with it.

A couple of months ago, a friend sent me a link to a story about two teens bakers. I was currently working on a project involving teentrepreneurs, so I looked over the article quickly but soon forgot all about it.

However, today when I was looking for a story to write about teen entrepreneurs living counter culturally popped into my mind and I searched frantically for this story so I could share it with you. Eventually, I found it (yay!) and here's the story of Gabe and Libby and what a passion for people and baking lead to.

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Gabe and Libby wanted to raise money to support families in other parts of the world by sponsoring animals to be sent to these families. They found the best way to do this was to sell cupcakes. After all, anyone will buy a cupcake when it's for a good cause. (And because cupcakes just frankly rock.)

So they sold some cupcakes at a garage sale in order to raise $14 to buy a family an animal. Surprisingly, they made over twice that amount. They then set a slightly larger goal and met it, too.

However, when they realized they could easily earn money to buy a family a goat or a chicken, they decided to dream bigger. They set a goal to raise $35,000 to renovate a hospital in Congo. They said they'd give a cake to anyone who donated.

They did it. Frankly, that's freaking awesome. They used their talents and hearts to change the world in a meaningful way. (You can read more about them here) Here's a little video about the impact that Gabe and Libby had:

So here are a few tips we can take from Gabe and Libby.
  • You can use something you're already good at (baking for Gabe and Libby, maybe crocheting or singing or writing or teaching for you) to be a world changer.
  • You don't have to be old to do it! Gabe and Libby for 13 and 9 respectively when they started this project!!
  • It's not all about profit. Don't you think you'll have a more eternal impact if you use profits to RENOVATE A LEGIT HOSPITAL than just buy a new ipad? I think so.
  • It can start small. Gabe and Libby's original goal was to raise $14. Maybe your goal is to raise $10. Start somewhere, anywhere, but don't ever fail to start at all.
  • You can be a world changer in your comfort zone. I know that's an oxymoron, but even taking a small step towards focusing on someone else rather than your own good is a step to change the world. 

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