How Teen Entrepreneurs Can Change the Business Game | 02/10/2016

Thank you Rachel (from Silver Mess ) for writing this AWESOME POST on how YOU, a teenager, can change the business game. If you're inter...

Thank you Rachel (from Silver Mess) for writing this AWESOME POST on how YOU, a teenager, can change the business game. If you're interested in guest posting, you can contact me here.

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 If you’re an aspiring teentrepreneur trying to sell a service or a product, chances are, you’re looking for ways to stand out. You don’t want to be like everyone else; you want to be different.
There are several different ways to stand out among other businesses, but one of them is to change the game itself. With the advent of the Information Age and the rapid assimilation of the Internet and social media into general pop culture, the business market has been transformed. Brands are now able to not only sell their product/service via website, but also through social media. There are so many different ways to capitalize on the new technology surfacing that it’s easier than ever to change the way the business game is being played, particularly in terms of marketing and services.
But what many teentrepreneurs don’t realize is that, while social media is helpful and the Internet is massively influential, they have several advantages that other full-grown entrepreneurs don’t have.
Here’s how YOU are different and how YOU can change the game--without even having to try.

Use your age to your advantage. The negative stigma of being a teenager can be used to your advantage--your competitors won’t even notice you’re competition, and you’re proving the stigma itself wrong. Constantly develop your services and products to make them better than your market’s standards. Sell yourself as someone who is willing to go the extra mile, which is certainly admirable in a person of any age but particularly of a younger one.

I’m sixteen. I was born near the genesis of the Internet age, and I know how memes, Twitter, and smartphones work without really having to learn about them. Adults? They may know about social media and know how to read statistics about social media, but they don’t really know the culture like I do. They don’t know what it’s like to be a teenage consumer. Many of them don’t understand the extent and power of social media.
If you’re anyone like me, you probably know the overarching reach of the Internet. You’ve probably dabbled in a little bit of YouTube, might’ve stalked your favorite celebrity’s Twitter, laughed at Drake memes, and maybe even use a little common slang. You’ve absorbed it.
While this may not necessarily be a good thing (the Internet’s a pretty scary place, people), your abilities will come in handy. Without really meaning to, you’ve studied how celebrities build brands of themselves, how the randomest of incidents become viral. Brandy Melville marketing team is basically genius--having your models become Instagram stars? Smart. Shawn Mendes got famous off of six-second covers on Vine--and look at him now. And, thanks to the accessibility of the Internet, you can use the strategies you’ve unconsciously absorbed too. You know the trends.
Now start a new one.

Why are you doing what you’re doing?
Why are you starting your business? What prompted you to do so?
If it’s money or fame or becoming the next hot trend, you’re not living counter-culturally. While being a trendy brand might be good for your business, ultimately that’s not what you should aim for. Being different not only is vital to your brand, but also to your motives.
Why are you doing what you’re doing?
Are you trying to raise money for a missions trip? A charity? Are you trying to prove people’s lives? Or are you just in it so it’ll look good on your college applications?
Don’t merely sell your brand--share your message or story. Inspire people to help others. Look beyond yourself and your narrow goals to change the way people look at life. Change the culture itself from selfishness to service. You’re young. You appeal to the next generation. Whenever you accomplish something, they see themselves in you.
You have more potential than you realize. Use your differences to your advantage, and make sure your message is clear. You’re only one person out of billions, yet you can use your specific business or talent to change the game in more ways than one.

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