What living counter culturally is all about | 02/01/16

Live counter cultural. What a big idea. It's the idea that there is a riptide of pop culture, millennials, advertisements, media,...

Live counter cultural.
What a big idea.

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It's the idea that there is a riptide of pop culture, millennials, advertisements, media, celebrities, basically people in general are part of a culture that isn't working. A part of our culture full of half truths and exaggerations and facades and lies. Such as:

It's all about you.
Profit profit profit profit.
Teenagers are good partiers.
Teenagers are bad students.
All teenagers want to do is have fun.
Fun is the most important part of life.
You you you you you.
You need more athletic clothes.
You need more makeup.
You need more sports.
If you're not busy you're unsuccessful.
Working hard is overrated.
Social media rules the world.
Media media media media media.
Whatever works for you is best.
Community service is just for getting into college.
Music Music Music Music.
Teens don't care.
Teens don't have to care.
All teens want is fun.
Fun fun fun fun fun fun.

Do you see what I'm saying? Living counter culturally is going against the culture that tells you these things. Living counter culturally is pushing back against the riptide of a self absorbed culture. Living counter culturally is choosing love over hate, people over self, strength over fear, work over play, the creator over the created.

Living counter culturally is big. It's unpopular. It's powerful.

Because when we fight back against the lies we are taking are focus off the here and now and onto the then and there. Onto the eternal scheme of things. Like helping others. Working hard. Caring less about unimportant things.

That's why this February's theme on The Teentrepreneur is Live Counter Cultural. I want to share stories of teentreprenuers who've lived counter culturally. I want to share tips for how to be a counter cultural teentrepreneur. I want to share fun stuff to help any teen live counter culturally right here right now.

With that, since today is Monday and I usually share Teentrepreneur Stories on Monday, I want to refer you all to this article for a couple of reasons:
1. It's a super cool story about teen entrepreneurs who created an epic device
2. It's a super cool story about teens living counter culturally because these teens created something not just for their own profit, but something that will genuinely help others.
3. It's on a website all ABOUT teens living counter culturally which I highly recommend you read

So anyway, there's February's theme and a cool little story for you to read!! Let me know some ways you think you can live counter culturally in the comments below. As always, if you have a brilliant idea about living counter culturally that you would like to share on The Teentreprenuer, contact me here.

Love you all!!

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