Dear Parents of The Kids with Big Dreams | 03/25/2016

Hi!! This is the second part of a two part guest series with Riley Reign. Read the first part here ! To the Parents of the Kids With Big D...

Hi!! This is the second part of a two part guest series with Riley Reign. Read the first part here!

To the Parents of the Kids With Big Dreams: An Open Letter

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Before we can talk about your incredible children (I can say that, I know them... I am one of them) I want to take you back to your childhood/teen years for a minute. Use your imagination and do some time travel, look back at your childhood self and his/her dreams + passions. What did little ____ want to be? What did they want to do? What did they think they would be? Did they want to change or inspire the world or their community for the better? 

Sit with that for a moment, and then come back to the present. 

Is grown _____ doing any of that now? Perhaps yes, maybe no. Reflect on that. How did they get where they wanted to be? Or, what kept them from fulfilling their dreams + passions? 

Now think about your amazing children and the dreams + passions they have. Maybe they have shared them with you? They may sound daring, they may sound really big, they may sound unrealistic, unattainable, perhaps they sound really familiar. How do you react to those dreams? How did your parents react to yours? Are there any similarities there?

Your children are powerful. You are there to support, guide, and protect them *when needed*. Failure and lessons are inevitable and valuable. They are needed for growth. You can't ever stop them when they are supposed to happen. Fearing failure, living in scarcity won't do any good. Supporting, and gently guiding on occasion will be more powerful and meaningful than a constant mama/papa bear mode ever will be. I promise.  

Give them time, space, unconditional love and support. Help them along their way when you can. *Keyword : their way, not yours.* 

You want your child to be + do the best they can? Let them find out what that is for themselves. Let them choose their worthiness + magnificence. It may even be bigger than you had imagined. 
Let them be their own person, on their own path, with their own purpose, mission, and dreams.

Written by Riley Reign, curator of the Spirit & Soul blog (

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