To The Kids With Big Dreams + Passionate Hearts | 03/18/2016

Super huge thanks to the lovely Riley from  for writing this beautiful open letter as a guest post!  An Open Lett...

Super huge thanks to the lovely Riley from for writing this beautiful open letter as a guest post! 

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An Open Letter To The Kids With Big Dreams + Passionate Hearts -

This one is for all the kids out there with big dreams and hearts more passionate than they think they can handle.

We've all got this passion in us, that ignites this movement within. This passion in all it's beauty and bigness can be more than intimidating. The magic + possibility of it can make you feel insecure, perhaps incapable.

The bigness can make you feel small. This aching dream you've got, this dream to do something, can even feel like a dirty little secret tucked away in your back pocket. Hidden, because maybe you feel crazy for wanting it so badly.

I am here, as one of the many who used that daydream as inspiration to take action, to tell you a little something.

Your ideas are powerful!
YOU are Powerful!

In self-help and personal development books you will often find stories of people ignoring their call of passion or purpose for so long that at one dramatic point not answering the call was no longer an option. They had to reinvent themselves, in what turned out as coming back home. They had to come back to themselves and face that call they had ignored for so long. That daydream, that passion, that thing they had to do. In some cases this took a major accident and uncomfortable quiet in a hospital room to realize. In some cases simply thinking about brushing off the answering of that call became to painful. Physically + metaphorically.

Do you here your call? That big idea, that passionate daydream of something magical and bigger than yourself? The pull of the 'What if I actually did that?' That is your call. Perhaps you'll find your call expands even bigger, into your Purpose.
This is your time. Answer your call.

It wouldn't be here if you weren't ready. It's bigness, that bigness that intimidates you, it is a mirror of possibility. It is there to show you what you can be, whether you believe in yourself or not. Every detail of your dream can become your reality. And easier than you think. That inner movement you experience, it's there to inspire your outer movement. Your action.

Sure there is a lot of work to be done. Sure there is a lot of growing you will need to do along the way. It will all come naturally. People may think you are crazy, they may judge you, they may not like you or what you choose to do. all of that will happen either way, though.
You have no valid excuses to follow anything other than your bliss.

Our culture is naturally afraid of our personal power. Our power to create, to do amazing things, to be bigger. Our fears of others opinions have become so strong that we have become okay with being little, earning our earnings and living out our lives. No real movement or growth. We have the power to flip the script. All of us underestimated Millennials can make big, meaningful magic. And being underestimated is our biggest asset. We can fly under the radar and do our incredible things quietly and our success can make the noise for us. Echo throughout history. No one will notice our failures because everyone is too busy focusing on their own mess anyway.

We can create that echo, only if we first listen to the passion and follow the voice of the dream.

Release all of your apprehensions, reservations, fears, and worries right here and now. It's safe.
Follow the voice of your dream and your passion wholeheartedly with your heart of hearts.

Written by Riley Reign, curator of the Spirit & Soul blog (

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