How 1 Teen Created a Craft and Signature Scent Company | 04/18/2016

Hi folks! Sorry I was a bit MIA this past week- but here's an epic post about a wonderful teen entrepreneur who didn't give up desp...

Hi folks! Sorry I was a bit MIA this past week- but here's an epic post about a wonderful teen entrepreneur who didn't give up despite incredible large set-backs. -Sophia

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Ciao! I’m Aria, a “teentrepreneur”, and I own the business A Girl and a Cat, and the blog, Purrfectly Inspired. A Girl and a Cat features handmade specialty products, by me. I started out with card sets and I’m now doing lip balms and scrubs! It took me several years to get to where I am and not without a lot of effort! So today, I’m going to tell you the story behind it all.

It started when I was quite young. As a little girl, I’d loved crafts ever since kindergarten. I have always been homeschooled, so when I was really little, I got to do kindergarten with my dear grandmother, Muttie. My love for crafts started with the foam letter stickers and the scissors. A few y ears later, I enjoyed doing Klutz kits and such. When I reached the age of nine, I started the business N.C.P.C. which stood for Name Cards, Pictures and Cards. Unfortunately, poor business never received any customers, except for my little brother, who bought a few name cards for 50 cents. Apparently all those flyers taped on the walls did not do any good! I decided to shut down N.C.P.C. and then opened a new business in a year or two.

My new business was Connections. “Connect with your family today” was my slogan! My specialty was custom cards – clients could email me and tell me just what they wanted their card to look like, and I’d make it for them. I also offered the lowest prices in the state – a mere 75 cents a card. I emailed sales, sales, and more sales, and booked phone calls with my clients on my mom’s business phone. When I mailed my cards to the purchasers, I included a printed invoice. Oh yes, I was very professional. Unfortunately, the quality of my cards was less than perfect. Because of that, and the reason that it’s easier to buy cards at Target, I really didn’t get many orders. Business declined and…Connections kind of just kerplopped.

In February of 2014, my mom stepped in. Remembering a craft supply company that she had used in the ‘90s, she searched for Stampin’ Up. They still existed, and she found a demonstrator in our area! Mama called her up and I started taking private craft classes from her. Mid-February, we decided that we wanted to do a craft show. We made a ton of pretty products We came up with a name, my dad made a website, and…drum roll please…A GIRL AND A CAT WAS BORN!

The name originated from my love of cats. Currently, I had one cat, my Luvems, and he is just the sweetest cat ever. We went rather French country with the style, and everything was ready for the craft show. There wasn’t that much traffic that year, but we definitely learned a lot about marketing! Thereupon, in late fall of 2014, I released my new body product line! We leaped from paper crafts to lip balms, scrubs, and lotion. 2015 rolled around, and that summer I decided that I wanted to start a blog. On the eighth of September, Purrfectly Inspired was released.

And…the story stops there. The rest is untold and I can’t wait to see where A Girl & a Cat and Purrfectly Inspired will be in another two years!

Before I finish…I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Sophia! Thank you so much for letting me write this for your amazing blog! : )

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  1. Love this, Aria! Both your shop and your blog are so well-kept and it looks like you put tons of work into them. Hopefully I can buy a product for mother's day. :D