5 Skills Every Teen Entrepreneur Should Have | 05/05/2016

I recently read this article about what a former Stanford dean thinks you should know before college  and it was a total eye-opener to me. I...

I recently read this article about what a former Stanford dean thinks you should know before college and it was a total eye-opener to me. I decided to do my own little version for all you teen entrepreneurs. (And also, bloggers TOTALLY count as entrepreneurs. Just saying.)

Here are the five (of the many) skills every teen entrepreneur should have.

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1. The ability to market yourself/your product
Well, duh. I know it's hard and sounds slightly egotistical, but let's just use ego's euphemism: confidence. If you cannot be confident in yourself and your product, how will anyone else be? If you're interested this is an amazing video about the power of body language- super helpful.

2. The ability to make small talk
Okay. Lemme be super honest. I DETEST SMALL TALK. I'm just standing there like, honestly, if this conversation doesn't have a point, let's be done with it. But here's the thing. Networking, making friends, gaining connections, it's all so important. The ability to actually have an interesting conversation with someone, regardless your age or career is infinitely important.

3. The ability to act respectfully
This is one of my pet peeves. When people are disrespectful- to a teacher, friend, parent, my opinion of them drops to zero and usually never makes it back up. Making fun of people, whining about anything, ungracefully taking criticism, it's awful. As a teen entrepreneur, it's especially awful because it shows your clients/customers that you really aren't worthy of THEIR respect.

4. The ability to resolve conflicts
I think I inherited the run-from-conflict trait from my mom. She's the nicest, kindest, epicest mom in the world, but she'll openly tell you that she hates conflict. However, here's the thing: conflict (especially in business) is inevitable. Being able to gracefully and respectfully sort out conflict shows not only how epic you are, but your maturity.

5. The ability to balance work and life
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *mad laugh because This is the one I'm working on.* But in all honesty, life as a teen entrepreneur is TOUGH. I'm learning to balance life, but it's definitely a work in progress. Read this article I wrote for Teen Made about balancing life as a teen entrepreneur.

Well, love you all, blogger tribe!

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