Catching Up.

Helloooooooo!! Wow, it's been too long. Let's catch up a little, yes? Let's see, the past couple of weeks have been INSANE. and ...

Helloooooooo!! Wow, it's been too long. Let's catch up a little, yes? Let's see, the past couple of weeks have been INSANE. and when I say insane, I really mean SO CRAZY THAT I ALMOST PULLED ALL MY HAIR OUT AND DIDN'T SLEEP FOR LIKE TWO WEEKS. Yeah. That kind of insane.  Here's what's been going on:

Well, I've been working on my stars and stripes project (equivalent to the boy scout's eagle scout project- the highest award you can receive in scouts) and I get to be the head of a remodel(ish) project for an epic non-profit in my community. Here are a few pics from our workday:

Okay. Can we just talk about these turquoise posts. like what??

Also, I've been working 5+ hours a day for my family's business. Last week we had our huge sale, which involves getting up super early and staying up super late to finish homework and then working as a cashier and pretending that I actually like to smile non-stop. How exhausting.

I also had a piano exam. Stressful. I also have a piano piece that is super fast and like nine pages long that should be pretty near perfect by Saturday. Because that's when the rehearsal for the concert is. Stressful, no? Here's what I'm playing:

I've been planning my summer programs/camps, and it's going to be freakishly epic. You can find out more about that side of my life at

I have a physics project that honestly is SO COOL BECAUSE IT HAS REAL LIFE APPLICATION but on Friday we found out that all our data was incorrect so we had to redo all of that data. So yeah that was fun.

I'm low key freaking out because I get to attend a three week summer program at the school of my dreams and that's going to be fun. Except I just found out that Malia Obama will be attending Harvard in 2017 and wouldn't it be so cool to be in her class?

Finals are this week and next. Enough said.

But I realized something as I stepped back from blogging. I MISS MY TRIBE. You guys rock. I have so many epic posts that are in my head waiting to be written and I'm so glad to be back!! I hope to be back in the swing of things and start real-blogging this week!

Love you, blogger tribe!

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  1. This is so bomb. I really want to go to your camp!!

  2. I know I just said this to you on insta, but seriously, you go girl! You are so awesome at this life thing! Keep it up and you'll be president one day. I'd vote for you.

    1. Oh Ashley, you always put a smile on my face. And actually, I'm seriously considering becoming the president. Because why not. ;)

  3. SOPHIA HIIIII. *crash hugs* I MISSED YOU. And I'm also super grateful for this catch up post because I haven't read your blog in soooo long so it was great to catch up on what you've been doing lately (awesome stuff, btw!) Non-profit work is so satisfying, isn't it?? ALSO OMG YOU'RE SO MUCH BETTER OF A PIANIST THAN ME. xD Good luck, girl! You rock the house. ;)

    peace out,