Biggest and Best Blogging Tips pt. 2 | 06/02/2016

Hey lovely people! (for some reason, I really wanted to say "hey lovely chickens!" Like where did that come from. Where did my bra...

Hey lovely people! (for some reason, I really wanted to say "hey lovely chickens!" Like where did that come from. Where did my brain come from?)

Anyhow, continuing the series about the  BEST and BIGGEST blogging tips from awesome bloggers. You can read the first part here! If you would like to share your blogging tips, feel free to comment below or email me at contact (at) theteentrepreneur (dot) com!

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"Engage with your audience and followers, ALWAYS! This establishes trust between you & your readers." -Geordian at

"Make sure you keep being yourself with everything you blog about.
Being honest and being you is why people follow what you do in the first place, changing that would just confuse people! "
-Nicole at

"Don't be afraid of failure. If you are after a interview and someone rejects you that's tots kool keep trying. Lots of people be willing to give you a go." -Zerin at

"Don't let comparison of other bloggers, who are further along in their journey rob you of your passion, creativity and self belief, remember why you started and let that be your guide and if you do feel a bit of the green eyed monster coming over you use that energy to lift and motivate you to keep pushing on and do better not bring you down and fill you with doubt!" -Karen at

"I decided very early on that having one specific topic for my blog didn’t suit my personality...So I have taken a broader approach and it has been very successful. I established a theme. It has giving me the opportunity, options and inspiration for more blog posts than I could have imagined! To ensure that I stay true to my theme I set up six headings I write under. I then write in a six week cycle to make sure I cover all the headings. This also keeps my followers very happy, they are excited to see what I am going to write each week. Yet it has a pattern that they have come to love. It has also allowed me to create an amazing visually appealing website." -Michelle at

What blogging tips do ya'all have? (note- my cousins previously of texas are visiting and apparently "ya'all" is a bad word for them....??????)

Love ya, blogger tribe!

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  1. These are really inspirational and helpful! I love this idea, and the concept of other bloggers giving advice is really awesome <3
    YA'LL? haha, where I live, no one says that so honestly I have no idea.

  2. I can really see how not having a specific niche can become tricky, and establishing a theme is a great idea!
    love from <3