Summer Playlist 2016 | 06/07/2016

Blogger tribe!! I've missed you. I really really really wanted to remind you to go enter the giveaway that I'm having in collaborati...

Blogger tribe!! I've missed you. I really really really wanted to remind you to go enter the giveaway that I'm having in collaboration with Aunt Flow~ I'd love to have my blogger tribe support one of my other passions: small businesses. Check it out here.

Anyhow, as summer is starting and it's so lovely and carefree, I obviously decided a playlist was in order. Because duh. Music is life, can I get an amen?

Also, what songs are you obsessed with this summer? I'm loving carefree and chill songs, but what about you?? LMK in the comments!!

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Wild Things // Alessia Cara
Diamonds // Hawk Nelson
Your Love Is Wild // Zealand Worship
NO // Meghan Trainor (Sorry Rachel)
Send My Love // Adele
Never Forget You // Zara Larsson, MNEK
Hymn For The Weekend // Coldplay, Seeb
Cornerstone // Hillsong Worship
Hearts on Fire // Cimorelli
YOUTH // Troye Sivan
God is on the Move // 7eventh Time Down
Fly // Avril Lavigne
Just Fall // Anthem Lights
Sparrows // Jason Gray
Holding On To You // Carrollton
Everything Comes Alive // We Are Messengers

Here's the Spotify Playlist:

Again, lmk what's on your summer playlist! Love ya, blogger tribe.

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  1. LOL IM DYING HAHA but seriously, great playlist! Except for that Meghan Trainor song...

    1. HAHA I almost decided that we couldn't be friends anymore when you said you didn't like Meghan... But then I decided you are too cool to unfriend.

  2. I'm pretty obsessed with the song Wild Things, I've loved listening to it on at rides. Just followed your playlist! I'm excited to listen to the songs I haven't heard! *Jams out to your playlist*

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you like it!! *Jams with you bc you're awesome*

  3. I remembered that moment when I realized that the lyrics to "YOUTH" was an actual song-- I thought that "tripping on skies, sipping waterfalls" was equivalent to something such as the saying "lit." *facepalm* But I love the song now, actually, after he performed it for a music awards show a couple of weeks back!

    xoxo Morning

  4. Going to go listen to all of these asap after finishing listening to another summer playlist by a different blogger friend hahahaha. so much excitement. FOREVER LIKE THAT BY BEN RECTOR.

  5. "Music is life, can I get an amen?" << AMEN AMEN AMEN. *nods slowly with eyes closed* ALSO ALSO I'M SO HAPPY I SAW THIS BEFORE I LEFT FOR MY TRIP TOMORROW! I must save this playlist and have a listen when we're driving. <3


    it is the best.
    and also some of these songs have been my favorites for YEARS AAAAAHHHHHHHHH ♥