Update: Intentional Summer Plans | 07/18/2016

Hey lovelies! I'm writing this on my floor surrounded by paperwork and receipts and forms that still need to be filled out. It's b...

Hey lovelies! I'm writing this on my floor surrounded by paperwork and receipts and forms that still need to be filled out.

It's been a busy week. I wanted to give you another update and possibly some tips before I head out for another trip. UG my life sometimes feels insane.

I think I talked about this before, but this past weekend I finished up a project for a local non-profit. I gathered some friends up and together we finished turning the basement of this non-profit into a fun playroom. (This is also the reason why I'm sitting in a pile of paperwork right now. Write-ups are tough, man.)

(My friend designed this amazingly epic hopscotch)

I've also been working with some girls from my community to design an app/startup revolved around a problem in our community. I'm not sure how much I can share, but it has to do with the problem of distracted driving. If you'd like to take a survey to help us see what our consumers want, check it out here.)

(Some of our brainstorming/task-giving. Can we just talk about these amazing dry-erase walls??)

I'm also trying to get a head start on college applications (what in the actual world-- I can't believe I'm FREAKING WRITING COLLEGE ESSAYS.) and also studying for some SAT subject tests. I have this weird love for balancing chemical equations. If I wasn't so interested in business and tech, I'd be a professional-chemistry-equation-balancer. 

Anyway, the reason I wanted to catch you up on some of the things I'm up to is because I wanted to encourage ya'all to be intentional with your free time this summer. I believe we can all do something that we won't have time to do this coming school year. Be epic and change the world this summer! You still have like a little more than a month left- what will you do with your free time??

I'd love to know your thoughts- do you prefer carefree summers without anything or do you like having things to do?

Love ya, blogger tribe,

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  1. Wow, that sounds uber cool! You and you friends have skills.

    And SAT prep questions AND college essays in the summer? WHOA. I wish I had to capacity to do that, but my brain is still crippled from my finals two months ago.

    xoxo Morning

  2. That's so awesome! You are definitely doing important things. AND YOU'RE DESIGNING AN APP? Woah okay you are cool. Super cool.

    I think I prefer summers where I have a lot to do but not just work work work all the time. So far this summer has been kind of boring, but like you said, I definitely want to be intentional about my time and I have a feeling life will get a little more busy before school starts =)

  3. Those walls and that hopscotch design are both pretty darn cool ;)

    I like having something to do, personally. I agree that we should spend our time intentionally, although it doesn't hurt to leave some space for unexpected things to happen now and then.

    You have a lovely blog. ♥