Dear World Changers | 08/18/2016

Boom. Senior Year. We are going to rock it. We might almost die (ap and honors and dual enrollment and all that). We might fall precar...

Boom. Senior Year.

We are going to rock it. We might almost die (ap and honors and dual enrollment and all that). We might fall precariously our of our comfort zones. We might be up all night. Maybe more than once. We might have  a lot of freak out sessions. Are you ready?

Frankly, did anyone actually think that they would one day be a senior?? I always remember being a bit intimidated by the "old" people, but now we're them. Weird.

Is anyone else insanely stressed out about what happens after this year? College or not, this school or that school, this major or that major, this internship or that job, choices choices choices choices.

I feel like I actually have to make decisions that will impact my future. Like, I mean, my choices before maybe had an impact for a year or so before hand, but now my choices last literally a lifetime. It's stressful, man.

I think we are all a bit confused. Some more than others, but frankly most of us don't quite know where life will lead us. It doesn't help that literally everyone wants to know where we'll go to school, what we'll major in, where we want our careers to go, who we'll marry, what color car we'll drive, how many kids we'll have. Just chill, man. We don't have it figured out, and I bet a lot of adults don't either.

I think it's perfectly normal. The fact that we're stressed and confused is perfectly normal. It means we care about where our lives are heading and maybe we think about them more than the average person does.

Thinking back on the last seventeen years, it's been a crazy journey, no? This life, this path that we follow, it has been wild. We have had experiences, relationships, and thoughts that no one else has ever had nor ever will.

We've made some great relationships, and perhaps some unexpected ones. Our families have been the foundation, and for that, I'm grateful. Our teachers, our coaches, our leaders, our mentors have poured parts of their very souls into us these past years. We wouldn't be the people we've become without them.

Isn't it an amazing world we've been able to grow up in? With technology and knowledge like no other past generation, we've seen things that past generations have only dreamed of. Sometimes I fear we take it for granted. Let's not.

It's weird. People tell us to "think big" and know that "the sky's our limit" but then they cringe when we want to do the crazy. When we want to climb the highest mountain or swim across the longest ocean, they tell us that maybe we should start with hills and puddles. Lame.

We can do amazing things, seniors. We can, because I've seen it done. We may not be experienced, but we are passionate. If we really want to, we can climb the highest mountain or swim across the longest ocean. Figuratively and literally.

So what will life hold for us? It will probably have a lot of heartache, a lot of broken dreams, a lot of brokenness. We can't fix it all, but we can start with our own lives, our own friends. It also has a lot of opportunities, and joys, and smiles. Let's add to that, not the other part, 'kay?

The truth, class of 2017, is that we can change the world. And the world desperately needs it. It needs us to advocate for those who cannot fend for themselves, it needs us to cure the illnesses that it can't figure out, it needs us to solve the problems it hasn't found solutions for. Does that sound arrogant? Probably. But know that there are problems we can solve and needs we can fill, if we put our hearts and minds into it.

The worst thing we can do, fellow seniors, is live passively. To sit around and wait. The world won't come to us. It's too busy trying to solve problems. We must come into the world and begin solving those problems. This will not happen if we are focused on our own interests, needs, wants. Let's live actively. Let's live selflessly.

So seniors, as you enter your final year of not having to be an adult, make your choices-- college, major, relationships-- with the knowledge that you can change the world if only you try. You can climb the highest mountain, swim the longest ocean.

Don't forget about the people that have made you who you are, though. Spend this year grateful. Spend this year wisely.

You'll probably freak out a lot (I know I will) as you navigate this senior year, but know that we are all in this together. We are the generation of world changers.

Rock on.

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  1. ...I vote Sophia to be valedictorian and present this speech to her school class, ASAP.

    xoxo Morning

  2. wow this is so amazing. like seriously, i really love this <3 it's so inspiring.

    ^^^also YESSSS I third the vote

  3. *sobs with the feels* This is so the mantra I needed before starting senior year. LET'S DO IT!! :)