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I recently with teen and serial entrepreneur Allan Maman. He's currently working on several startups and graciously agreed to do this in...

I recently with teen and serial entrepreneur Allan Maman. He's currently working on several startups and graciously agreed to do this interview to share about his entrepreneurial journey and some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. And he works in NYC. Which makes everything all the more cool.

I'm super impressed by how much Allan has accomplished and I love that he has the "hustle mentality" and isn't afraid to do big things even at a young age.

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So here's how he did it and how you can do it as well! (Sorry if that sounded like a cheesy old advertisement.)

(All the stuff not italicized is from Allan, emphasis added by yours truly)

1. In order for my readers to get to know you a little, describe yourself in 5 words. 
I would describe myself as ambitious, persistent, motivated, open minded, and driven.
(dude can we just talk for a second about the fact that these are some of the best attributes an entrepreneur can have??)

2. Can you briefly explain what your businesses are and a bit about how your started them?
So I currently am working on a new application which I can't speak much about. However, some of my previous businesses are apps like Safe Ride and Nito. Safe Ride is a application that prevents texting and driving by having an automated response in the messaging system. This allows the driver to focus on the road. Nito is a social media application that allows users to upload photos/videos in their area. Then anyone can view/swipe through them whenever. (Similar to a snap story but not all places have them.)

I started these from coming up with an idea and validating it. Finding out if it is something that people can use realistically. Then, I contact a few developers I know to get some sort of price quota. I kinda let that all run through while I work on things like design etc. Luckily enough for Nito, I got to work on it with a few co-founders. One of them Cooper Weiss (cooperweiss.com) is an extremely intelligent and skilled graphic designer so he contributed a ton when it came to figuring out what we wanted it to look like.

I can't stress how important validation is- you can come up with the best idea, but it might only be the best idea to YOU. 

3. What inspired you to start your company?
I've always had a passion and drive for success. Ever since a young age I always knew that I didn't enjoy things like school and sports. I'd rather be selling whatever I could put my hands on. I would have probably considered myself more of a 'merchant' than to call myself an entrepreneur in my earlier years. It wasn't until recently that I started realizing that I am an entrepreneur and using that as an introduction when talking to important people. 

4. What is one lesson you've learned as an entrepreneur?
One lesson I learned about being an entrepreneur is that it's going to take more than you think. It's a 24/7 365 day job with no breaks. Lots of people think that if they just work 'smart' that that's fine. However, with entrepreneurship its all about thinking smart and being able to hustle long hours of work. So to wrap up that question, it's something that you must be able to dedicate a lot of time to.


5. What's your best tip for an aspiring entrepreneur?
My best tip would be to try to create something. It doesn't matter what it is regardless if its a product, application, lemonade stand etc. Just go out and do something that you have always been thinking about. If you are young, you have tons of sweat equity. Meaning that if your business fails or if you get no customers, you're still young! You will still have a shelter and a family behind your back. Not when you are 35 with kids and have 0 time to create a business.


6. And just for fun~ what is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
Funniest thing that happened to me recently would probably be running into Tai Lopez. Tai is a popular internet entrepreneur & investor. I saw on his snapchat that he was in NYC so I messaged Cooper (co-founder) the night before that we're going to meet him. The next day, we are sitting in our office coming back from lunch. As I'm clicking through Tai's snapchat, I go doesn't that look like Union Square? (Park below our office)... Then I click on the next snap and I see the geotag of the park. We quickly ran out of the office and run around the park looking for him. No sight. Then I check his snap again and its a photo of a book. We then try to find the nearest bookstore and were fortunate enough to meet him. I was featured on his instagram/snapchat that moment then went onto talk on his facebook live. I got his assistants email about an investing opportunity. (Still no response :/ )
I feel like I would just be speechless if I met anyone remotely famous, so kudos to you, Allan!

Special thanks again- isn't his story supes inspiring?? Find out more about Allan on his twitter and website.

Keep being epic,

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  1. This was so cool to read! The story about Tai cracked me up. xD
    You did a great job with this interview, Sophia!