20 Lessons Learned Senior Year

1. Choose your friends ridiculously carefully. I started hanging out with the science nerds in my chem class. Best. Idea. Ever. Not only...

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1. Choose your friends ridiculously carefully.
I started hanging out with the science nerds in my chem class. Best. Idea. Ever. Not only have they motivated me to continue studying/working when everyone else is partying, but they also actually know how to calculate enthalpy when I need it.

2. But don't be afraid to make some new ones.
One friend I've made this year is some one who I'd probably never hang out with other than because we're the co-presidents of a club at school. She's super artsy which I'll never be, but it's been so fun to use our completely different thought processes to create stuff for our club.

3. Join a new club/extracurricular.
You'll be doing a lot of new things after highschool, you might as well start trying new things now.

4. Don't be afraid to spend your evenings alone.
Due to the fact that school has very easily taken over my days, evenings have been my only free moments to write those application essays and blog and finally catch my breath. Obviously, I don't mean isolate yourself, but be okay with not hanging out/having something to do every single night.

5. Be nice to your parents.
They have to help you with your FAFSA, after all.
6. Remember to get gas (for your car).
Does anyone else watch The Slyfox family on youtube? They just had a video about running out of gas and that reminded me that I need to fill up my tank.... Because I'm responsible obvi.
7. Be gentle on yourself.
It's okay that you don't have it all together. It's okay that you didn't finish that thing that was supposed to be done. You're doing okay and you will continue to do okay. 

8. Explore your hometown.
For many of us, this is our last year in our hometown. Freaky, man. It's become my tradition to search for coffee shops after my piano lesson every Monday, and so far I've found three that I love. 

9. Don't be afraid to let go of some relationships.
I've been learning that not all relationships are good to have. Some people just constantly draw me down with negative comments... Not like in a bullying way, but in a "my life's terrible so yours must be too we must lament about this together sort of way". It's okay to just be done.

10. Get off social media. (At least for the day)
Well actually I totally went over my phone's data limit so I guess that means no social media for a while lol.

11. Get off youtube.
Do you really need to watch another video? (Well obviously duh yes) but time is precious.
12. Stop reading comments.
Youtube comments can be brutal, man! Like, I've read comments that have completely ruined the video for me... 

13. Get rid of stuff.
Like old clothes. And that apple that has been in your backpack for probably like three weeks.

14. Make your teachers love you.
Well, I mean, don't FORCE them, but try to jump outside of your comfort zone and get to know your teachers- it's great practice for college where it's assumed that you'll actually, you know, COMMUNICATE with your teachers. 

15. Write from your heart.
I have literally written ten long essays in the past month. I don't know about you, but on top of English Class and reports and blogging, college essays are A CERTIFIABLE PAIN. However, I'm learning that the essays that truly say what you are thinking, not the ones that say what you think you should be thinking, are the fabulous-est. Totally a word. 

16. Write with the intention to change people, not entertain people.
Also, speak this way, too.

17. Run off some of your stress.
Well apparently I'm signed up to run a 5k on Thanksgiving and I'm FREAKING. But running, especially outside w/o music and only my thoughts and sunshine (and bugs but we don't need to mention them) has been THE BEST stress reliever recently.

18. Let go of jealousy.
I know, I KNOW, easier said than done.  But jealousy is such a sick and disgusting virus the ruins friendships. Just don't.

19. Have a [weekly] quiet time.
I've come to the point in my life where I'm okay with not getting a long quiet time every day. It's just physically not possible at this moment. However, I'm learning that a long quiet time chat with God when you have the time for it (weekends, late nights, etc.) is much more helpful and healing than a rushed five min just so you can say you did it.

20. Be okay with you.
Because you are drop dead fabulous and you might not know exactly what to do rn but that's okay because you are still growing and learning and changing.

Keep being epic,

ALSO: any bloggy friends who are seniors, I'd love to have you write posts as well so that you can share ALL THAT GOD GIVEN knowledge with us humble souls. I've linked some of my frens who've written "lessons learned senior year" below, and if you'd like to participate, feel free to comment your link and I will add it or message me the link!

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  1. I'm only a junior, but this is literally full of so much truth and oh my gosh I love it. <3

  2. omg "that apple that has been in your backpack for probably like three weeks" THIS IS SO ME

    i love your list! thanks for starting this whole senior series!

  3. this is so full of amazing advice wow <3

  4. "Make your teachers love you." I want to, but sometimes I don't know how teachers think about me so I'm just their awkwardly staring. But this is such a good advice post. I'm seriously pumped for next year (but PLEASE don't infect me with senioritis early. I can't handle that kind of procrastination yet, but it's calling out to me).

    xoxo Morning

    1. Hey you know THERE IS NO SHAME IN STARING. X)

  5. Amazing lessons!! And so practical! *applause*

    1. But dude, your post. So fabulous. *mad applause*

  6. http://thebarefootgal.blogspot.com/2016/11/how-i-budget-time-things-ive-learned-as_11.html

    Here is mine!! xD xD