5 Things that will make you happier

Let's just say that the world can be a brutal place to be. There's a lot of nasty out there, no? But can I just say that the wor...

Let's just say that the world can be a brutal place to be.

There's a lot of nasty out there, no?

But can I just say that the world is still a bright and beautiful place, even if we have to dig for the happiness a little harder. Recently I've been trying to search out joy in the world, and here are a few of the things that I think will make you --even just a little bit -- happier. :)

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1. Stopping yourself from reading comments & intentionally limiting social media time.
Seriously, have you noticed how brutal comments can be? I've learned that the best way for me to watch my favorite youtubers is by completely ignoring the comments.

Also, I tried intentionally not looking at social media until 5pm today- after school and work and all that jazz- and it was SO AWESOME and I was less distracted and actually looked at social media then for the pleasure of it, not because it's my natural first thing I do when I turn on my phone.

Some of my faves: Elsie and Laura from the super fab blog A Beautiful Mess. Like, when I read Elsie's post (they're adopting-- I an SOOOO sorry if I spoiled that news for anybody) I seriously wanted to dance around school. But that would be weird. So I didn't. And tried not to look awkward grinning ecstatically.

Also, the Slyfox Family is starting the adoption process and isn't that so beautiful and wonderful? I freaking love babies and adoptions and have I mentioned my love for babies??

You guys might know from some of my previous posts- I've been following The Freckled Fox blog for years and I was heartbroken when Emily lost her husband Martin to cancer. However, she recently remarried and her whole family looks just SO HAPPY. Seriously. Her blog has recently been brimming with THE SWEETEST posts.

Also, one of my other favorite bloggers, Annie from the Ida Street Blog just announced her engagement and I could die happy rn.

4. Wearing the same shoes every day
I've worn the same brown ankle booties every day to school for the past three weeks. It's been amazing. Because people I DON'T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT SHOES AT ALL. LIKE SERIOUSLY AT ALL. One less thing to stress over. One less thing to have to think about. It's amazing.  

(In all honesty because I KNOW YOU ARE SNOOPS, YES. I have worn tennis shoes for working out but obviously that doesn't could. Just like eating five cookies during a christmas party doesn't count because it's FREAKING CHRISTMAS #sophiaslatenightlogic)

5. The blogging community is fabulous, man.
I mean, really. Here's a daily snapshot from one of my blogger group chats:

-We talk about waffles and pancakes (because let's be honest, the battle might be over but the war isn't won)
-We give each other relationship advice (basically the blind leading the blind but with good intentions...?)
-We talk about writing and cry over characters
-We talk about books
-We pray for each other.

So, if you haven't gotten into a group chat with other bloggers, BY ALL MEANS START ONE BECAUSE IT'S SUCH A FABULOUS COMMUNITY OF INTERNET PEOPLE PASSIONATE ABOUT SHARING THEIR SOULS ONLINE. Is that weird? #lolmaybebutidontcare

Anyhow, enough about me. What has been making you happy recently? Feel free to share babies and love stories.

Keep being epic,

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  1. These all make me so, so happy. Our group chat is my favorite. <3

    "the blind leading the blind but with good intentions" XD That is the best way to describe it.