50 Things to do During Christmas Break

I feel like finishing finals (redundancy at its finest, gents) is like finally being able to breathe again. I also feel like once I get to C...

I feel like finishing finals (redundancy at its finest, gents) is like finally being able to breathe again. I also feel like once I get to Christmas break, tho, if I don't intentionally plan stuff, I'll spend the entire time in sweatpants watching vlogs. Not that there's any shame in that. But here are a few ideas if you'd like to do something a bit more during the holiday. Merry Christmas, blogger tribe!

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  1. Eat peppermint ice cream
  2. Go on a run to run off calories from said peppermint ice cream
  3. Sit by the fireplace
  4. Meet a friend for coffee
  5. Plunk out some piano music
  6. Bake cookies
  7. Catch up on homework
  8. Pet a cat
  9. Adopt a cat if you don't have one
  10. Read a really good book (Here's one that I recommend)
  11. Watch a really good show (Here's one that I recommend)
  12. Flail over Zoella's adorableness 
  13. Watch all the Vlogmases possible
  14. Write
  15. Sing
  16. Play a game (Here's one my brothers and I are loving)
  17. Choose some words for 2017 (I love this article)
  18. Plan next year (Can we all agree that there's something beautiful about a new planner)
  19. Reflect on 2016 (It's been a rough year, I think we can all agree)
  20. Fold laundry 
  21. Purge your closet
  22. Make a meal for your family (Anyone else ridiculously want to try all the buzzfeed dinners??)
  23. Intentionally spend time with family
  24. Go on a media diet (It's amazing how refreshing a lack of media is)
  25. Reflect on how to make 2017 better
  26. Spend some of your Christmas money on tangible ways to serve others
  27. Volunteer (I love working with the refugee kids in my community: they really know how to put my first world problems into perspective)
  28. Party (but not too hard)
  29. Call up an old friend (I talked with one of my dear friends who I haven't seen since this summer, and gah all the beautiful memories we reminiced over!)
  30. Write a (REAL!) Letter
  31. Prepare mentally for next semester
  32. Approach the Christmas story with wonder, because it's freaking awesome what God did for us
  33. Buy silly gifts
  34. Cry over hallmark movies
  35. Cry over commercials
  36. Go watch a movie in theaters (Rogue One? Sing? What will you be seeing??)
  37. Buy meaningful gifts
  38. Buy practical gifts (hey, no shame bro)
  39. Bake cinnamon rolls
  40. Drink hot chocolate (duh!)
  41. Go out for pizza
  42. Go bowling
  43. Go sledding
  44. Go swimming if sledding isn't an option (#losers #notreallybecause-21degressisnotcool)
  45. Create something (crochet? photography? hand lettering?)
  46. Read good material that might be a little harder to read
  47. Hug your siblings (and parents and grandparents!) extra tight
  48. Watch an old classic (some might not classify this as old but it's my favorite)
  49. Laugh a lot
  50. Celebrate the season. Sparkling cider is totally allowed.
What will you be doing over Christmas break, blogger tribe? Let me know!
Keep being epic,

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  1. Love this! I wish I could cram it all into my schedule. ;)

  2. I love this! I am nervously applying for schools this break, but this post reminded me that I need to actually get in the spirit of Christmas instead of stressing about what will happen after. I also love the choosing words idea! I'm totally doing that instead of resolutions for new year. ❤️Thanks for this fab post!

  3. I love posts like this. And this list was much needed for I am to lazy to make me own list! Love it and thanks!

  4. This is literally the best list and I want to do basically every single thing on it.

  5. I needed this list in my life, thank you!! <3