10 Reasons why Starting a Business will Boost Your College Applications

Soo... I just submitted my last college application and wow. That's amazing and crazy and scary and ohmyfreakinggoodness I'm going t...

Soo... I just submitted my last college application and wow. That's amazing and crazy and scary and ohmyfreakinggoodness I'm going to be living in a different state next year.

There are so many things I wasn't prepared for in creating my applications (I'm looking at you, CSS profile) but there was one thing I am SO GRATEFUL that I started doing years in advance: entrepreneurship. My summer camp business, my piano teaching studio, my work with local startups and small business was such an instrumental part of my college applications.

Juniors, Sophomores, tiny baby freshmen: start a microbusiness. Start a small business. Trust me, when you get to job and college applications, you'll be so grateful.

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1. Shown leadership
It's really, REALLY, REEEAALY hard to run a business without having leadership in some capacity.

2. Community involvement
Don't be the college applicant who just sits in there room and studies botany. And also, it just FEELS GOOD to do good.

3. Something to write all those essays about
My main essay, which is also my by far favorite essay, for college applications was about entrepreneurship and what I learned from teaching kids about entrepreneurship.

4. Communication skills
You do not understand how many emails I've written for my piano teaching studio. I do not even understand it, frankly. Learning effective and efficient communication is part of the job description for entrepreneurship, and it made it SO MUCH easier for me to be concise in my applications with this background.

5. Unique references
Clients, can give you references that give you a different feel, and frankly make you stand out, in applications.

6. Talking points for interviews
"What is your weakness" can be a really easy question to answer when you've been up at 2am trying to finish planning that summer camp that is supposed to start tomorrow.

7. "CEO" or "founder" sounds so much better than "member" or "participant"
Hopefully this one is self explanatory.

8. A chance to develop your "spike"
Unless you've been living under a rock, or if you've been in denial about applications (no shame, bro) you've heard the term spike in college application blogs. It's basically the one thing, one activity, one academic interest that you're super passionate about and have spent way more time in than any other activity. A small business, say, tutoring biology, would be a great addition to your application if biology is your spike.

9. Your summers won't look lame
Hopefully this one is as well self explanatory. :)

10. You'll see if you actually like working intensely in a certain area
I discovered from leading summer camps that teaching is, shall we say, not my forte. That's totally okay: I thought teaching might be a good path for me, but not I didn't make a terrible life choice just based on what I thought in middle school. I did, however, discover I loved planning events and organizing employees, so that was part of the reason I'm pursuing business management.

So I've (hopefully!) convinced you that starting a business is a good idea as a high schooler. But what can you do? One thing I always tell people who want to start a business is start a business that stems from something you're passionate about. Also, take a look at the stories about teen entrepreneurs here on the blog for some inspiration. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about starting a business.

Keep being epic,

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  2. THIS IS GOOD. I wish I'm as productive as you when it comes to entrepreneurship. ^.^ But saying CEO does sound greater than member, I suppose! Congrats on finishing college apps! xD

    xoxo Morning

  3. *subtly renames to "10 reasons to convince your parents that blogging isn't a waste of time"*

    CONGRATS on finishing college apps!!