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Life is such a roller coaster right now. And it feels like I may or may not be wearing a seat belt. Anybody relate? I wanted to scribble dow...

Life is such a roller coaster right now. And it feels like I may or may not be wearing a seat belt. Anybody relate? I wanted to scribble down what's currently happening... So when my life consists of actually having time to breathe, I can remember. :)

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So here's what I'm up to, currently.
Reading // How to win friends and influence people (Dale Carnegie.) Mere Christianity (CS Lewis). I realized that my mind is too fast (or too slow idk) to read non-fiction books, so I've been listening to these two on my rides to school/activities every day. Game. Changer.

Watching // Madam Secretary. My oldest brother and my parents are also obsessed and it's awesome.

Listening [to]// Anything Audrey Assad, but especially I Shall Not Want. The Lumineers. Kristene Dimarco. Oh, and Thy Will (Hillary Scott) is my anthem for senior year.

Studying // An unhealthy amount of calculus. Let's just say Sal Khan and I are having a very personal relationship right now.

Planning // An amazing science lab + engineering + entrepreneurial camp for kids for this summer. My brothers (who are the co founders of our business Let's Camp Kids) and I realized that we don't actually like leading history camps, even though we've done them for like four years. Go figure.

Meditating [on] // The Psalms.

Creating // My friends and I are working on an app for a contest and we get to meet/work in a place called The Center for Innovation in our city. How freaking cool is that??

Stressing [over] // Life in general, but mainly college. This time period, where everything is so very literally up in the air, I'm learning to cling to Jesus all the more.

Loving // The Sticky Faith curriculum that we are doing at my Church. Also Sara Dietschy's vlogs.

Visiting // The library. Sitting by this big window that overlooks the river + the government center + the theater. It's gorgeous. Never mind the fact that you could freeze your butt off.

Wondering // If life is moving too fast.

Hoping // To build more Jesus-centered relationships + serve more in this new year.

What are you currently doing? Maybe take a minute to write it all down... You might want to remember a literary snapshot of your current life someday. :)

Keep being epic,

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  1. wooo! so cool to see what you've been up to!

  2. It sounds like you're busy with a lot of things! I found your blog through instagram, and I really appreciated the advice on writing resumes, which I've had to do recently :) While I'm not very interested in business (because I can calculus but handling money is just like not my jam) (although confessing: without my father I would have probably failed calculus hahaha)
    College is so scary! I have an interview in a few days. Did you code your blog yourself? Anyway, *waves*

    Shar Virtually Read

    1. Can any of us actually handle money, tho?? Good luck on your college search as well. *waves back*
      ps~ left a comment talking about coding on your blog.

  3. I love life posts like this! It sounds like you're pretty busy =) YOU GOT THIS.

    1. Aw, thank you for the encouragement, Autumn!!

  4. It sounds like you've been super busy! I know you're going to rock the rest of senior year!

    1. Grace, busy is legit my middle name. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT!!