Senior Year is Still Part of Your Life

Hey friends! I'm having denial issues with the fact that I'm so so so close to graduating. Today marks three months until I graduat...

Hey friends!
I'm having denial issues with the fact that I'm so so so close to graduating. Today marks three months until I graduate. I cannot. comprehend. this.

So, I had this thought at the gym the other night: a year from now, when I'm off who knows where, I don't want to look back at my senior year and regret the things I did or didn't do. Because, despite what it may feel like, senior year is still a big part of your life, even though it's so easy just to focus on the future.

Life doesn't magically start when you turn 18, or move out, or go to college, or start a job. Right here, right now, is life, and I don't want to waste any of the precious minutes and seconds I'm given. Senior year is still part of your life.

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Thus, I decided to make a list of just a few things I want to do before senior year ends, mainly just to stay present and grateful for the right here, right now.

1. Play more games with my siblings
2. Have more REAL TALK conversations
3. Take more pictures of said siblings and friends
4. Save more money (lol bye)
6. Laugh more
7. Pray more (because life is scary w/o Jesus, tbh)
8. Spend more time outdoors
9. Converse more with my parents (because they're more scared about college than me.)
10. Write more. Processing is so important, but it's so easy for me to forget and just go go go go.

11. Worry less about the future. Because honestly, there's nothing else I can do.
12. Speak less. Listen more.
13. Talk less. Smile more.
14. Wear headphones less. Be more present.
15. Spend less time on screens. Screens will be here next year. But my wild and loud family will be thousands of miles away.
16. Keep less. Stuff causes stress; have you noticed?
17. Take myself less seriously. We're all messes. Rock on.
18. Talk less on social media, and more in real life.
19. Care less about college prestige, and more about making connections and taking opportunities.
20. Care less about pleasing everyone. Everyone seems to have an opinion on how I should go about my highschool career. Every. One. The mailman. The doctor. The librarian. The teacher. The random dude in line in front of me at the coffee shop (true story.) Trying to please everyone is legitimately impossible.

So what do you think? Older people, what would you add? And by older people, I mean anyone who's older than the high school class of '21, so the bar's not that high lol.

Seniors, I would love to know what's on your bucket list for the rest of this crazy period of life. Leave your links in the comments, and I'll add them to the post!

Keep being epic,

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  1. My parents are freaking out about me going to college too! It's probably because my sister and I are the oldest. I, too, am trying not to care about college prestige (Especially because my parents really want me to live in New Zealand, where I'm 'from')
    Because I'm not the hugest fan of my high school right now, I appreciate this reminder not to spend my time waiting for something better.
    (I am making the most of the (eek!) 94 days until I graduate by trying new things (such as aerial silks) and old things (such as rock climbing) and also spending a lot of time with my family. I lived away from home for 6 months once, and I know that I'm going to miss them like crazy. Even my annoying brother. How many/how old are your siblings?)

  2. So I'm in my senior year of college and much like you and freaking out haha. I'm not really ready to enter the 'real' world and be an adult. So I'm thinking of making a bucket list too, of all the things I wanna do while I'm still in college.
    I hope you have the best year!

  3. This was great!! Writing my bucket list right now. ;) I get so inspired by stuff like this!!

  4. Eeeek this is so true! I'm only a junior, but life isn't any less stressful. Good luck on (what's left of) your senior year!