Why You Should Research Your Market

First of all, the coffee I'm currently in is absolutely adorable. It's one of the only locally owned coffee shops in my city and it&...

First of all, the coffee I'm currently in is absolutely adorable. It's one of the only locally owned coffee shops in my city and it's filled with eclectic artwork and sunny windows and people getting epic things done. It's amazing how much your environment affects your mood, no? Also ED SHEERAN'S NEW ALBUM IS PLAYING.

Okay, carrying on.
(But seriously. Galway Girl. Supermarket Flowers.)

So, my brothers and I run a business called Let's Camp Kids, where we run annual summer camps about subjects we are passionate about. I'll be real honest: summer camp is a tough business. Though we've run the camps for the past 4 years, it's always a challenge to get enough kids to participate/make a profit.

This year, I wanted it to be different. So, we tried some different marketing strategies, and guess what? We filled up every available spot for our first camp in under 3 days, and even added additional dates that are now almost completely filled as well. We've even had to ask more people to help us plan/lead these camps because of how many people registered. 

So what did we do? One thing. 


Before planning the theme for our camp, I messaged a bunch of the moms of the kids who had participated in our past camps and asked a few simple questions: what sorts of themes would their kiddos be interested in, and what months work best for a summer camp. 

Using their responses, my brothers and I decided that the majority of the people were interested in a STEM related camp, and chose our dates based on the info they gave us. We also thought about our potential market (new families, especially in our school/church community) and what they would want. We chose our prices and times based on that information, and the rest is history. 

Now let's talk about you: do you have a blog? business? youtube channel? Here are 5 reasons why you should research your market. (Which basically means find your audience and figure out what they want from you. 

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1. You are not your audience.
Unfortunately, you might love to write about goats, but maybe your audience wants to also hear about sheep not just goats. (Lol that is the weirdest example I've ever come up with.) It's awesome to just do what you want, but often it's not exactly what your audience wants to hear about. That doesn't mean you should talk about what you love, but it's important to remember you're audience doesn't have the exact same preferences as you do.

2. You might discover a new market.
Just be researching your market (through surveys, conversations, etc.) you might discover that there are potential markets/or people that you didn't think would like your blog or business, but actually do. 

3. You can grow grow grow
When you know what your audience loves and needs, you can curate your posts, your social media, your products towards what your audience loves and needs. It's called marketing for a reason. 

4. Your can make decisions easier.
This one is more for businesses, but when you have a good idea about who your audience is, then it's easier to make decisions based on what your market needs. For example, you can decide if you need to spend more money on advertising, or more money on quality products when you know what your audience wants.

5. You'll feel like you're making a difference.
It's easy to feel like you're doing your thing and no one cares. But when you fully acknowledge and communicate with your market, it makes working and creating worth it. You can create and work with a specific group of people in mind, and holy moly this feels so good.

So, let me know: have you ever thought about researching your market/audience as a blogger? Do you think it's important? Talk to me, bro.

Keep being epic,

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  1. Your story about the summer camp is so motivational and inspiring! As always, you are so much help! <3

  2. First off yes, Ed Sheeran's album is flawless, and I could cry just thinking of it.

    THIS IS SO TRUE. Market research is amazing. I've been wanting to get some feedback on what people want from me and my blog, but it seems like whenever I do surveys, people just say what they think I want to hear, y'know? I don't get a ton of feedback that's actually constructive, which is frustrating. Ideas?

  3. Thank you for this! I'm trying to launch a new lifestyle blog for millennials by millennials with one of my friends, and I needed these tips desperately. You're a lifesaver! <3<3<3