If I Could Tell my Sophomore Self 2 Things

I toured the college I will be attending next year over the past week. I'm safely and soundly in love: Now that I'm at...

I toured the college I will be attending next year over the past week. I'm safely and soundly in love:

Now that I'm at the end of this college admissions story, I just have two things I would say to my Sophmore self, looking warily on the next two years of college admissions drama and tests and essays and *not trying to die.*

Number one: It's all going to work out. Like really. Junior and senior years are stressful places trying to find your tiny place in a huge world, but you'll find it. Maybe not now, maybe not then, but you will. It's okay to chill out a bit. God's got this.

Number two: STUDY FOR YOUR PSAT. Preferably starting now. This is a standardized test that's technically a practice test for the SAT. Financially, the only reason I can go to the school I'm attending next year is because of this one test that students can take the fall of their Junior year.

Do your research now, you'll see that many schools offer full tuition scholarships based on your National Merit Status, which is dependent on your PSAT scores. I studied through the summer between Sophomore and Junior year, but you can start now. Khan Academy has great (free!) PSAT resources.

Let's do the math. The average tuition of a private college is over $30k. If you receive National Merit Finalist Status, that's over over $120k over four years that you'd be saving with a full tuition scholarship!

Otherwise, dear Sophomore, you've got this. Don't forget to breath. Breathing is very important.
Keep being epic,

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  1. Adorable and a very helpful post! Congrats with being pretty much done with college stuff!

  2. The college seriously looks seriously. Wonderful tips and congrats on somehow getting through high school. Haha. :)

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  3. This is somewhat irrelevant, but funny enough that I'll tell you. This classmate of mine got into several colleges in California. She couldn't decide which one, so, from our school in India, 1.5 weeks before the Aps starts, she decided to go on a college tour around california. I don't know if she's chosen one yet but this just completely seems funny to me XD (interesting post, btw. My 10th grade self needed a lot of help.)