Interview with Neha Paragi

Hello my beautiful friends! So, last week I shared an interview that I had with Nolan Felicidario, executive director of Step on Poverty , ...

Hello my beautiful friends! So, last week I shared an interview that I had with Nolan Felicidario, executive director of Step on Poverty, and this week I get to share an interview with Neha Paragi, Director of Public Relations with the same organization.

Could you give me a brief bio about who you are? Sharing fun facts or favorite foods is totally acceptable.
My name is Neha, and I am a senior at Troy Athens High School. Aside from being the Public Relations officer of Step on Poverty, I am President of my class, President of NHS, CEO and Founder of a nonprofit cupcake business Got Cupcakes, and head coach of a middle school Science Olympiad team. Fun Fact: I’m vegetarian, but I’ve never had a salad before.

What has been the hardest lesson you've learned running Step on Poverty?
I think the hardest part about running SOP is the fact we are trying to run an organization in a professional, adult-like manner with solely high school students. This is a large gap in knowledge, skill, and experience that we are trying to close; however, it has proven to take quite a while.

So you're a senior. Believe me, I know: senior year is crazy. Especially for you, with your insane list of extracurriculars, what's one tip you could give to teens on how to balance everything?
Balance is very difficult. I myself have worked for four years trying to find this balance. I did end up dropping Soccer and Oboe-both of which I was at the top of my group-for nonprofit and philanthropic work. Personally, I identified which activities would be worth it in the long run. Seeing that Step on Poverty was one, I dropped my more superfluous activities and sticked with the more impactful ones.

What is the biggest mistake you've seen people make when they are trying to be benevolent but are actually being inefficient with their giving? 
I think the biggest mistake is people doing things based on their emotions and heart instead of what while be the best for those who need the help.

And just for fun: what is one funny experience you've had working with Step On Poverty? 
In November we were deciding whether we wanted to still continue putting out flyers at houses. The weather was rather on and off as it would snow one day and rain the next. We decided to keep working hard. One day when we were packing shoes, it started raining. All the boys were in shorts and shirts and decided to go outside and do the “Rain Dance” to make the rain go away. It was a sight to see as there were about 8 of my close friends outside in the rain running in a circle and singing.

I think it's super awesome how Neha prioritized her activities. I know I've struggled with doing anything because I want to do everything. Has anyone else dealt with this? How to do you handle balance? Let me know!

Keep being epic,

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