5 Indispensable Tools For Young Entrepreneurs

So, my brothers and I run a summer camp business , and over the years, we've discovered some great tools that help make running a busine...

So, my brothers and I run a summer camp business, and over the years, we've discovered some great tools that help make running a business much simpler because RUNNING A BUSINESS IS HARD, MAN. Here are a few tools that help keep me focused and organized and not-loosing-my-mind.

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1. Slack
I used slack last summer when working on as an intern with a startup company, and it's FABULOUS. It's a messaging system that's simple and fast to use, and it's super easy to stay organized and stay in the loop with collaborators this way. You can also send messages to yourself (which I think is fabulous) in case you want to save a random thought or idea.

2. Google Forms
UM YES. Google has a super easy to use service for creating registration forms and surveys. My favorite feature is being able to take all of my responses and easily view it or turn it into a spreadsheet. As a spreadsheet through google drive, I can quickly share the information with colleagues or friends.

3. Pinterest Boards
One way I've used pinterest boards is to save ideas for the curriculum I'm writing. Then, I embedded the pinterest board into our summer camp website so that the parents of our campers could see how our brainstorming process was going and get a better idea of what they were getting their kiddos into.

4. Trello
I'll be honest- Trello kind of left a bad taste in my mouth after using it and getting overwhelmed with it. HOWEVER, I think it can be used very effectively and have been slowly getting back into using it. Basically, it's a huge online board where you can make to-do lists and tasks to get done, and move them all over and organize them. (Kind of like boards but without the pictures.) The most effective part is that you can use it as a team and assign different tasks and put on deadlines.

5. Spotify
There are way too any late night planning sessions that could have exploded very easily without spotify. ALSO?? How did I not know about the Daily Mix feature until like last week??? No but seriously, the deep focus playlist has gotten me through so many long planning sessions.

Young entrepreneurs and beautiful people in general, what online tools help you? Do you have any that help you stay organized or focused?  I'm always looking for more, so let me know!

Keep being epic,

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