A short list of things I'll miss

1. The fact that I go to yoga with my favorite bank teller. 2. Cutting my brothers' hair and giving them parent-disapproved cuts. (l...

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1. The fact that I go to yoga with my favorite bank teller.
2. Cutting my brothers' hair and giving them parent-disapproved cuts. (living on the wild side.)
3. The thrift store right next to the gym.
4. Going to study at school but not actually because all my friends are there.
5. The utter lack of traffic. Also downtown. Which is like three blocks total.
6. Saying you're "going up to the cities" and everyone know what you're talking about.
7. Drinking dark chocolate hot cocoa at the caribou in my few moments between piano lessons and evening meetings.
8. The fact that when you talk about "The Clinic" everyone knows what you're talking about.
7. Cafe Steam. Specifically their brownies.
8. Late night panicky texts about homework. (JK this will probably still happen.)
9. School tutors who probably think I shouldn't still be studying french. (I promise I know what I'm doing.)
10. Having a doctor whose daughter takes piano with you.
11. Having an ER doctor who goes to your church.
12. Piano recitals. (Actually probably not going to miss these that much.)
13. Always running into people at walmart after church.
14. Usually running into your mom's friends at target.
15. Spending hours in the library checking out the cute studious guys studying
16. French club movies that more or less make sense. (I promise I didn't read the subtitles the whole time.)
17. Driving my brothers everywhere because they're way too popular.
18. 30 minute drives home from school listening to Hamilton or Taylor Swift.
19. Teaching piano after a hard day of school.
20. Sitting in the parking lot in friends' cars not quite wanting to say goodbye.

What would you miss about your hometown when or if you leave?
I'd love to know. :)

Keep being epic,

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  1. I'm going to miss the local coffee shops, as well. :D I have one more year before I leave for college, but agh, the thought of being a senior just freaks me out way too much.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah


    I can't say that I'm sorry that I'm not going far away for college XD I'm way too sentimental I'd lose it.

  3. THIS LIST THOUGH. I love these kind of lists and this one is touching I miss these things too and I haven't experienced them.

  4. At least your parents aren't doctors because a) they talk in gobbledegook every time you're sick, b)even though your parents don't care, all these random adults think you want to be a doctor even though ugh blood, and c) they brought you up in remote rural villages in the Himalaya with no peers.
    (For the record, I was a mostly happy child, and I like feeling special because most people haven't had such a childhood. When I graduate (next week!) I'll miss my family, my dog, knowing everybody because it's that kind of town, my cat, baking, and high school and it's probably relative easiness.
    Question: If you homeschooled, are you automatically valedictorian of your class?

    1. haha, my parents aren't doctors but people still assume I'll be a doctor because *duh.* (Lol I have no idea what their logic is but I'm always asked if I'm going to be a doctor.) Anyway, about your question, not really. I actually graduated with about 30 other homeschoolers and we didn't have a valedictorian. :)