A short list of things I'm excited for

A few weeks ago, I shared this post  with a list of the things I'll miss when moving away. HOWEVER, my dear friends, I hope you didn'...

A few weeks ago, I shared this post with a list of the things I'll miss when moving away. HOWEVER, my dear friends, I hope you didn't get the impression that I'm not excited to go off to college. On the contrary, I can hardly contain my joy, at least as much as an introverted-allergic-to-big-emotions teenager self can.

No but seriously, I've been spending a ton of time processing what it will be like to make such a drastic life change, and I'm excited for change. Ready for change. Itching for change.

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1. No snow. Yes please.
2. Studying subjects for the joy of studying subjects, not for the joy of filling requirements.
3. New friends from all sorts of backgrounds and nationalities and perspectives.
4. Living in the same city as my favorite celebrities.
5. Being able to walk everywhere. (There's an In and Out literally a ten minute walk away (!!))
6. Meeting more like-minded, big-dreaming, peers.
7. Attending seminars with incredible faculty.
8. Football games. It's huge in Texas, or so I've been told.
9. Getting to do my own research for projects and classes.
10. Have I mentioned the fact that there is an average of 0 inches of snow in January?? I looked it up.
11. Not having to focus on getting into college.
12. Not having to focus on doing extracurriculars that look good/are good opportunities for college.
13. No more ACTs, SATs, or PSATs. Bless.
14. New chances.
15. Learning to live away from family (!!)
16. Growing more grateful for mama's cooking.
17. Getting involved in campus activities. (Like this!!)
18. Amazing study spots.
19. Studying outside. (In February!!)
20. This sort of attitude.
21. Also this sort of thing.
22. Being forced to take chances and try new things.
23. School traditions. Some of them are weird. But cool.
24. The accents.
25. Fresh starts.

What is your opinion on change? What are some of the things you are excited about when making life changes? I'd love to know!

Keep being epic,

ps you all have an open invitation to come visit. Just lmk.

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  1. One thing I'm going to miss next year would be the snow, but hey! You've got all of these positives to look forward to which is great. GO WEIRD SCHOOL TRADITIONS!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  2. OK RLY RLY WANNA COME VISIT U LOL. also, same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. in n out is bomb. you're going to have so much fun in texas! :)

  4. My friend;s going to Rice in Texas! Sadly I live a bit far away for visiting. I'm excited for making new friends and getting to learn what i want and also being more adult (which is so not me right now, lol)

  5. Wow! That's so exciting!!! I totally get this, but also, I'm from AZ, so I'm excited to be moving to someplace that ACTUALLy has SNOWWW! Anyhow, good luck with college!