Month I - Finding a New Rhythm

~One of my goals in college is to take time to process life through writing. I'm notoriously bad at processing things- I prefer to go go...

~One of my goals in college is to take time to process life through writing. I'm notoriously bad at processing things- I prefer to go go go. So the purpose of this blog series is to use it as a tool to process what has been going on as well as act as a virtual journal, of sorts~

You guys.
How did this happen?
I've lived in Texas for a WHOLE FREAKING MONTH. It's been amazing. Bring on the boots, the tacos, the football, and the big personalities. My minnesotan-keep-everything-private-and-quiet nature has been overloaded and I LOVE IT.

This month has been a series of dancing... Dancing to the beat of a new drum, dancing to the beat of new professors, new schedules, new friends. This month has been about finding the rhythm of this new period of life. The following are a few snapshots of that. :)

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Lowlights //
Spraining my ankle and not resting it so said ankle stayed swollen for way too long. Plus of living with a bunch of pre meds, though: they'll wrap it up and give you ice and look things up on web md for you.

Homesickness. I miss my tribe.

Not finding a home church yet. I've been trying to keep an open mind and remind myself that no church will be just like mine back home, but it's been rough.

Mental exhaustion is real. Critical thinking and reading skills are the most valued skills in my courses, and it's not something you can just become an expert at in one day.

Balancing relationships with people back in Minnesota with people here in Texas. Like, it 's a new chapter of life and I want to grow new relationships, but I also want to maintain and build relationships with my MN people.

Loneliness. It's amazingly easy to lose your place amidst the thousands of people who are around daily.

Highlights //
Late night conversations with my suitemates... We always leave our door open and so usually by 11pm there are 5 or 6 girls trying to do homework in our room but in all actuality we're talking about the meaning of life or watching animal videos. Mostly the latter. We also made a cake in our microwave that turned out weirdly awesome.

Keeping a mental list of hilarious or awkward things that happen during the day so I can tell my suitemates and friends at the end of the day.

Keeping up with my tribe back home. My brothers send me snapchat updates of their days and it's honestly the most adorable thing ever.

Writing messages on our windows with post it notes to the guys who live across from us.

Actually being excited to ask my professors questions not for the sake of them knowing I exist/that I'm listening, but because I genuinely care about the subjects I'm studying.

Reading not-school-related things and being able to read it so fast because EVERYTHING is easy compared to greek literature, my friends.

Learning the small cultural differences between states and even cities. (Apparently I've been saying the word lawyer wrong my whole life?? Also the word bag?? Also the list of restaurants I haven't eaten at and the movies I haven't watched is appalling to my friends.)

Blessedly quiet study spots.

The Verdict //
I've fallen in love with this city and this college, with all its quirks and people.

But college is tough, man. I think if I had known beforehand how ridiculously difficult it would be to transition to this new stage of life, I would have been way more scared than I was.
However, I think life is slowly finding it's way back to a steady tempo. There have been two things that have kept me sane: working out daily and reading God's word daily.

Because even if everything else is completely different than before, I can fall back on the known, steady rhythm of the thump of my footsteps on the treadmill and the powerful words of Jesus.

We're getting there, friends. We'll find our rhythm.

How have you been finding your rhythm, friends? Is the school year taking it's toll already? Or are you comfortably dancing to an old and known rhythm? Let me know! And if you ever want to visit, my dorm room door is (literally!) always open.

Keep being epic,

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  1. Ah, I heard about you spraining you ankle! I hope is healing well! That transition going from home to college sounds daunting-- I'm excited to go out and meet new people, but I'm also downright terrified of leaving everything I know behind. Hoping your second month will bring you more wonderful things!!!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    P.S. I'm still doing the blogger yearbook here; better sign up quick because the deadline is soon!

  2. I'm glad that you're transitioning!! I hope that it continues to go really well:)

  3. Love this post :) Hope the transition goes well, and yes, Jesus is always the hope :)