Month IV - Being Okay in the In Between

Hello my beautiful friends! This has been a wild month. Probably the craziest month yet of The College Adventures. Amidst traveling home fo...

Hello my beautiful friends!
This has been a wild month. Probably the craziest month yet of The College Adventures. Amidst traveling home for Thanksgiving and then traveling back for Christmas, all while packing in weeks of tests and events, I feel like I haven't had a moment to stop and breathe.

But now, in the midst of the moments of rest- I'm back in Minnesota, and all of my brothers and my dad are gone for the next day- I thought I'd take some time to reflect on this month, this semester, ending the first few pages of this new chapter of life.

This has definitely been a month of uncertainty, not quite knowing where is home, what life has in store, all the things. But I think that's okay.

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Highs //
Going home for Thanksgiving to see my fam bam. It was definitely a bit unsettling... Like it's home but Texas is now my home but not.....??

My school has a tradition called Christmas on 5th, and all of the language students get to perform Christmas songs in different languages. I got to sing with both the French and the Arabic students, and it was amazing. A little cheesy. But amazing. Also, Christmas is just a magical time.

Finally made it to the Silos Baking Co. for the first time since the beginning of the semester. Do any of you live near a popular tourist destination and just never go?? But side note- the cinnamon rolls are to. die. for. If you ever pass through Waco, obviously come visit me, but DON''T LEAVE WITHOUT TRYING THE CINNAMON ROLLS.

I've realized just how powerful worship is. During finals, my church had study nights with a half hour worship break. I think you can forget how much you need something until you get it, and that's what worship does. It forces you to get out of your own head and see that finals are not the end of the world, nor are you the center of it. Honestly, I'm not sure if I would have survived finals without it.

Literally my last day in Texas, right after I finished my last final, I interviewed for a job and got the position. Because that's how life works. Crazy, right??

I got to volunteer at my church the day I got back, and holy guacamole it felt so good to be welcomed back by my tribe, the mentors who've encouraged me in my faith, the friends who've seen all the tough stuff, the kiddos who I've gotten to mentor (who are now middle school and high schoolers??).

My family is just so freaking awesome. I missed them. That is all.

Lows //
FINALS. Basically, you can't really get excited about Christmas until after finals, so basically never.
They suck the life out of you, piece by endless piece. (But hey, I survived!!)

Uncertainty. I applied to transfer programs at my school and it's a nerve wracking process. I never thought I'd be the type of girl who doesn't actually know what she's doing/wants to do with her life, but I think God thought I need just a bit more humility in my life.

I think this time of Christmas break is a time of in between. Not quite knowing where you fit in. It's hard, you know, going to school a 20 hour drive from home. Because you don't quite know where home is, or if it's a place at all. So yeah, lots of thinking and reflecting happening. :)

The Verdict //
I think it's okay to be in the in between. My type A, perfectionist personality sometimes screams otherwise, but I think God created this time when we don't quite know what's going on or where we're going in order for us to find him, trust him, acknowledge his magnitude.

It's going to be okay.

Merry Christmas, my friends!
Keep being epic,

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  1. Christian on the 5th sounds like lots of fun. And congratulations on getting that job!!

  2. Congrats on the job!! And I completely understand about being lost in the in-between--I sometimes feel like I have no idea where I belong or what I want to do with my life, either. But now's the time to figure it out, yeah?


    In between is so hard sometimes. but I guess it's like Ben Rector says- it's the walking in-between.