Month VI - A Week in the Life

For this month, I decided to do a week in the life instead of a full blown post because a. It took less time (and time is oh so precious at...

For this month, I decided to do a week in the life instead of a full blown post because
a. It took less time (and time is oh so precious at this season in life)
b. It seemed like a cool way to document this chaotic semester. I hope you enjoy!

Month VI - A Week in the Life

Monday //
Get up early to work the 8am shift before classes begin. I get to work with graphic design and organizing schedules (honestly my favorite things) at the language center.
Roughly 18 million classes. (Actually just 6 plus Chapel, but that equals roughly 18 million in my book.)
Quick bites to eat in between classes with homework sprinkled in.
Work out straight after my last class because sanity.
Quiet dinners, talks with the roomate, hours of homework.

Tuesday //
Breakfast with breakfast squad.
Just one class. (Bless the Lord.)
Go to work for a few hours. Do homework in the lulls.
Computer Science Practicum. Talks with all my nerdy friends.
Marveling over the beauty of campus.
Dinner with a friend. A moment to breathe, before the fire alarm goes off.
An awesome lecture that forced me to think, and to think hard.
More homework, I think.

Wednesday //
18 million classes again.
This super awesome dude came and spoke for chapel and seriously. Go read his book.
Working out, homework, same old, same old.
The rhythm is comforting in its chaos.

Thursday //
Sleeping in.
A class. Arabic, my happy place.
Work. I finished up a design project I was working on.
Accounting study session, because we're all struggling. God bless group struggles.
Model Arab League. Because cool.
Women in Business meeting. Because resumes.

Friday //
An Arabic Test.
Fully finished work project. Yay for completed checklists.
A few hours to study.
Work out with a friend + deep conversation.
Dinner with dinner squad. (Our group chat is called breakfast club but that's a different story.)
Homework with another friend at the (very) dead library.

Saturday //
Quiet mornings. My most prized possession.
Long hours to study.
Work outs.
Talks with my mom. Because she's my favorite.

Sunday //
Church. Jesus. Prayer and reflection.
Guess who still has more homework?
Refresh, renew, start again.

What does you week look like? Thursdays are probably my favorite day, because there's a little less school work and a little more super-fun-and-cool work. So what's your favorite day? I love hearing about other people's daily rhythms and schedules, so let me know!

Keep being epic,

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  1. I loved reading this:) So lovely to get a peek into your life. Thursdays are always my hardest days- I thrive on Fridays and Saturdays.

  2. I really liked reading this. I've just started college (Sourthern hemisphere person, haha) but it's only O week this week and I'm still figuring out how my schedule will work :)