Month VII - Thorns, Roses, and Buds

Allow me to invite you into my life for a moment: It's nine pm, Thursday night.  I'm sitting in the library, right next to the Sta...

Allow me to invite you into my life for a moment:

It's nine pm, Thursday night.  I'm sitting in the library, right next to the Starbucks. The college Study Cram Vibes are just beginning. I think when people imagine college, this is what they imagine. I'm finishing up my studying for an Arabic test tomorrow, in addition to writing emails, figuring out plans to attend a conference, texting my friends about a dance we're going to tomorrow. My Arabic class's group chat is blowing up with plans to study later tonight. I love it, this crazy, chaotic, hold-on-tight-and-enjoy-the-ride time of my life.

For this month, I wanted to try a writing/processing strategy my dorm-mates and I do each week at our hall prayer. We share three things - a
rose: something awesome that's happened, a bud: something you're look forwards to, and a thorn: something not so awesome.

So, my dudes, here's this past month's happenings.

Thorns //
Homesickness. Something about just getting a taste of family time over spring break has made my homesickness worse this semester lol. There's this unfortunate habit in college to gloss over homesickness and pretend everything's fine, which makes it even worse, to some extent.

Disconnectedness. Maybe it's just the nature of college, or the group of people I'm closest with, but we have tend to pile on more and more things until we're so exhausted that we don't have any time for community and real conversations. It's really strange, because I can spend 14+ hours a day with other people, and still feel like I haven't really communicated with anyone that day. Definitely a work in progress. :)

Roses //
Spring break! I spent the week with my family and cousins, both exploring my college town, and going down to the bay to spend time at my cousins' beach house. Honestly hugging my brothers and talking with my parents was the best part. I toured a college with my brother (!!) and it was such a different experience simply visiting the school than when I was touring colleges for me... I wouldn't want to go through that process again if you offered me $100000 lol! (Except that's a bad example because I probably would because #brokecollegestudent).

Arabic Squad! My Arabic classmates have become some of my best friends this past semester... I think it's partly due to the nature of the class, where group studying is highly encouraged, and the number of Arabic activities we do outside of the classroom, but they're just a genuinely kind, intelligent, empathetic group of people.

Sleeping! I've finally got into a rhythm of sleeping a decent amount of hours a night, and it's honestly the best thing in the world. Sending all the praises to Jesus.

Vertical! It's a college ministry that hosts weekly worship/preaching sessions, usually on a monday night. I don't think there has been a Vertical yet where I haven't come out feeling my world rocked. God is so cool, y'all. He's doing some awesome things.

Classes! So this semester started out really rough as far as classes, but I'm at the point in the semester where I can honestly say I love my classes. I'm taking Finance, Accounting, Arabic, Computer Science, and Religion, and they're all classes that I'm truly interested in the material. The long hours studying can seem endless, but I love it.

Buds //
Model Arab League Conference! I know, I know, it's suuuuuuuper nerdy, but I'm honestly so psyched for this. It's like Model UN, but focused on the Arab World. Some friends on my team and I are making a road trip out of it and we get to spend three days debating and creating resolutions for stronger social and economic systems in the Middle East.

Studying Abroad! I'm studying abroad to learn more Arabic this summer, and booking my tickets has made it all the more real. Don't mind me, just internally freaking out a little bit. In a good way. In a really good way.

Family! My mom and I are already planning our decorating projects. I'm ready for home.

So what have you been up to, my lovely friends??!! Would you do me a favor? Leave one of your thorns, roses, and buds in the comments below! I'd love to know how life is treating you all. :)

Keep being epic,

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  1. Senior year is almost over and that’s a bit terrifying for me to fully comprehend, yikes!!! >.< It’s amazing you get to study abroad, because that’s also one of my goals (if it will happen though, we’ll see)!!! My family and I are also going on college trips for my younger brother— we may be stopping by to see UC Berkley and Stanford!!! Whoo!!!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  2. I love the idea of thorns/buds/roses!! I really want to try thinking of things that way. It sounds like you've got some really awesome buds coming up. Excited for you. <3

  3. I love the article. Love it, love it.