Month VIII - A journal entry.

This month has legitimately flown by. I'm worried that each month gets a little quicker, and I feel like by the time I'm 25 months ...

This month has legitimately flown by.
I'm worried that each month gets a little quicker, and I feel like by the time I'm 25 months are going to feel like approximately 20 minutes long. Thoughts?? 25 year olds, is it true??

I don't think I've wrapped my head around the fact that freshman year is oh so close to being over. I've done so much, but there's so much left to experience. I've learned so much both in and outside of the classroom, but I think the only thing I've learned for certain is that there's so much left to learn.

So, here's what's been going on this month!

Month VIII - A journal entry.

The climax for this month, and arguably the entire year, was the Model Arab League conference, in which my school's team pretended to be members of the Delegation of the Kingdom of Morocco for 4 days. We passed resolutions (I wrote some about trans-national highway systems for more efficient food transportation), referred to ourselves and our fellow Arabic nations in the third person, and sometimes had arguments for literally no reason. Countries are like that sometimes.

I think the best part was learning how to get what you/your country wants and needs without making people/other countries hate you. It means knowing your stuff and knowing how to persuade respectfully. Certainly useful skills for any line of work.

Two of my friends and I form the S Squad, a certifiable girl gang whose names all (shocking, I know) start with S. We're all studying Arabic and participated in Model Arab League and our conversations  go from cute boys to solutions to the Israel-Palestine situation in the blink of an eye. We throw in random Arabic phrases that may or may not be grammatically correct whenever possible.

Over Easter break, since none of us were able to go home, we spent hours in target and then made  pizzas in my dorm's kitchen and laughed so much all our abs hurt the next morning. When we were at target, we ended up getting a pack of cheap fake pearls to wear at our Model Arab League conference. We had an extra one, so we gave it to our Arabic professor-slash-MAL-advisor. She showed up to class after the conference wearing our pearls and never have I been more proud.

I spent Easter day with my Texas fam, an aunt and uncle and cousins who have watched over me this first year at Baylor. My little cousins make me laugh so. freaking. hard. Family is such a good, pure, thing, you know?

I gave up Instagram for lent, and being back on it, I'm questioning and considering the benefits. Like, I LOVE being able to see my friends daily lives and admire beautiful images, but is it really worth all the time I spend on it, the jealousy and insecurity that stems from it? I don't really know, but it's been clouding my mind lately.

I randomly grabbed a book from my dorm's library, and I've gotten hooked. The book itself is not the greatest (an outdated account of Lebanon's civil war) but the habit of unplugging all electronics and snuggling into bed for even a few minutes of getting engrossed in a not-school-related-book before falling asleep just feels healthy.

My friend and I just spent an hour walking around campus, talking and reflecting on the year. The hard things, the tears, the adventures, the endless study hours... It has all become a beautiful part of our college story. As we were sitting on a bench enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, I realized that these really are the best days of our lives. These are the days we're going to miss, even when we're working our dream jobs. Let's enjoy this crazy, fun, messy adventure while we can! And now, all we have to do is survive finals.

So has time been flying just as fast for you? What has filled your calendar? What has filled your mind? Let me know, lovely friends!

Keep being epic,

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