About Sophia

You guys!!

Let's be real. This "about me" page has been re-written like 80 trillion times. I'M TRYING, BRO. Anyone else feel like you're a bit lost when trying to describe yourself on one tiny blog page??

I created The Teentrepreneur as a place for teens to explore the amazing concept of entrepreneurship and try their hand at it. Now, I guess you'd like to know a little bit more about me if you're visiting this page.

I firmly believe that every teen is not only a capable, but perhaps an ideal entrepreneur.

I believe entrepreneurship is looking for needs in your world and finding ways to fix them, but I also believe entrepreneurship is about finding what you're passionate about and finding ways to share it with others.

Some of my entrepreneurial endeavors (whoa that sounded prestigious) include starting piano teaching and summer camp businesses, working for a local small business and for my family's honey business, and creating several start ups through Start Up Weekend and Stanford's High School Business & Entrepreneurship Course, as well as working as an intern for a local start up to build their prototype and currently working on an app/startup with a group girls. Wow that was all one very long sentence that's probably not gramatically correct.

In my spare time I enjoy working out (lol just kidding I only run so I can eat more chocolate), playing music, and reading blogs. Sometimes I do freelance writing and sometimes I like to do work for a local non profit tutoring/renovations/random service projects.

I also believe in Jesus and all of my writing is written from a Christian's perspective.

Here, you can find inspirational stories from real life teentrepreneurs, tips on how to become a young entrepreneur, and a sprinkle of other things like blogging tips, music, free printables and more.

That's a bit about me, and if you'd like to know more or are interested in collaborating, feel free to email me at contact@theteentrepreneur.com, or on the socials: twitter, instagram, linkedin, or pinterest.

Adios, new friend!
PS~ the word "teentrepreneur" came from my weird brain and is a mashup of the words "teen" and "entrepreneur".