About Sophia

Hi friends.

This is me. Blogger. Entrepreneur. Business and Finance and Arabic and sometimes French and possibly Computer Science student.

When I'm not spending hours in the library writing the next paper or planning how to be the next Phil Knight, I write on here. I write about life. I process my thoughts. I get to interview epic young entrepreneurs.

I believe that everyone should have a voice and create an impact. I believe everyone has a sphere of influence and should use that to create more good. I believe in Jesus and his saving ocean of grace. I believe in the power of friendship and cake and long talks with my mom. I believe that running should be abolished is cathartic.

Here, you can find inspirational stories from real life teentrepreneurs, tips on how to become a young entrepreneur, and a sprinkle of other things like blogging tips, music, free printables and more.

If you want, drop me a note or connect with me on linked in. Let's be epic.