I love working with people!
Just kidding, I'm kind of an introvert, and I work best on my own.
However, collaborating online is awesome! Here are 3 ways you can do it:

1. Guest Posts
This is very simple- if you know an inspiring teenage entrepreneur (maybe it's you) and you would like to share his/her story, contact me! This would require writing a 300-500 word post, telling the entrepreneur's story or simply sharing inspiration from this entrepreneur. It would be great for you to contact the entrepreneur to let them know- perhaps get some inside tips or a coupon if they sell a product. :)

Also, if you have tips for teenage entrepreneurs, you could definitely write a post on that. The last category of my blog is teen space- basically teen related posts: this includes but is not necessarily limited to food, fashion, and fun. Again, 300-500 word posts with pictures.

You would be welcome to leave your social media links/the link to your website in exchange. I would love to share your post on my social media and refer people back to you.

I will not be writing any guest posts for blogs, however. I've found that writing guest posts just really isn't my thing. We all have our strengths, I guess!!

2. Giveaways
Gah! Giveaways are so fun! If you are an entrepreneur or know someone who is, I would love to host a giveaway with you! Even if you aren't an entrepreneur but you would like to promote a product, let's talk. This includes but is not limited to instagram giveaways and giveaways directly on the blog.

3. Sponsored Posts
I love to work with brands I believe in. Pricing/length vary, so let's talk shop. Also, contact me for a Media Kit.

If you would like to do a combination of collaboration (try saying that five times fast), for example, a guest post about an entrepreneur plus a giveaway with one of their products, that would be five million times more awesome.

Contact me below using the contact form or email: contact (at) theteentrepreneur (dot) com- I hope to hear from ya'all soon!